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A Collection Of Green Hotels In Chile; Meet The Tierra Collection!

The best eco-luxury experience in Chile! The perfect destinations to disconnect & reconnect, enjoy peace and tranquility while being eco-friendly!

Hotels have evolved year by year to satisfy our needs and provide comfort and safety for guests from all over the world. However, the hotel industry has direct and indirect impacts on the environment and has one of the highest levels of energy and water consumption. 

Green hotels pursue environmental friendliness and lower the environmental impacts without compromising health, welfare, and benefits related to accommodations. This can turn into reality appealing green operations, environmental protection, and the reasonable consumption of resources. Facilities at hotels like rooms, dining, and activities have to follow these green strategies. 

At Eco Hotels & Resorts we are committed to the well-being of the planet, for that reason, every hotel at EHR guarantees safety, health, and environmentally friendly practices without falling into greenwashing. Today we bring you information about three of our most delightful hotels in Chile: Tierra Atacama, Tierra Chiloé, and Tierra Patagonia.

Chile landscape

Tierra Atacama

This lodge encapsulates exquisite design, authentic experiences, and an intimate, home-away-from-home atmosphere, where a sense of both adventure and pure relaxation lingers in the air. The property was designed by some of Chile’s most renowned architects, with regional sensibilities, eco-friendly design, and boutique comfort firmly in mind. 

100% of Tierra Atacama’s water is retrieved from its own well and is treated by an inverse osmosis plant. Thereby, they have 50 m3 available daily and do not affect the town of San Pedro de Atacama’s water supply. 100% of the guest room faucets have low aerators, which allow them to reduce their consumption of water. They also use cutting-edge technology to maintain their pool water. With filtration and cleaning techniques, they can prolong the use of 131 m3 of water before changing it. 

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Tierra Chiloé

At Tierra Chiloé´s rooms, their guests find a gift of wool slippers, hand knitted by Chilote women. They have incorporated activities into their excursions list that benefit island businesses. Bosque Piedra supports the conservation work and study of this ecological park by Elena Bochetti. The Muelle de las Almas excursion offers an opportunity to see Sergio Subiabre’s work of art. 

Tierra Chiloé collects and separates cardboard, aluminum cans, glass, and plastics. They are currently looking for a good supplier with adequate traceability to recycle the materials they separate. Some waste is delivered to their neighbors to be used for pig feed and the rest is added to their two composters: one next to the orchard and the other in the greenhouse.

tierra chiloe    tierra chiloe bathtub


Tierra Patagonia

During the construction of Tierra Patagonia, in order to mitigate their impact on the land, landscapers worked strenuously to remove the native plant species, nurture them in a greenhouse and later successfully replant them in the surrounding areas. Today, guanacos, rheas, rabbits, and foxes are attracted to the hotel by this recovered pampa for which they have a care plan to respect and protect area species. Their gardens include autochthonous species such as coirón, senecio, nirre, calafate and mata negra. 

Tierra Patagonia works on a daily basis to make their cuisine from ingredients native to each region. The importance of local cuisine is immeasurable and they always try to highlight this legacy and pass it on to their guests. They strive to fill their menus with fresh products, most of which arrive at the table directly from their own gardens.

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A sustainable lifestyle can be taken into every aspect of life, tourism and luxurious vacations are not the exception! Booking with guarantees environmentally friendly techniques on water, energy, local produce, and the well-being of the community. Don't lose this opportunity,  help us make sustainable travel the only kind of travel!

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