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Sustainable Travel

Celebrating Bonobo Day

Did you know that February 14th is also Bonobo Day? Today more than ever we reinforce sustainable travel!

Senda Monteverde

Welcome To Senda Monteverde

Looking for adventure, culture and nature all in one place? Senda Monteverde is your new ideal destination!

Sustainable Travel

A World Without Wetlands

Celebrating International Wetlands Day! Today we are working for wetlands to remain healthy and vibrant more than ever.

The Safari Collection

Celebrating World Zebra Day

Let’s celebrate World Zebra Day and support the causes that take care of this beautiful creature.

Santa Barbara

Discover Santa Barbara Azores

Located on the stunning Azores Islands off the coast of Portugal, this resort offers luxury accommodations, beautiful views and endless experiences!

Sustainable Travel

Here’s to a GREEN 2023!

Travelers have the power to make sustainable travel the only kind of travel. Let's make this new year count!

Bucket List Destinations

Bucket List Destinations for 2023!

2023 comes with new wishes, as well as new opportunities to travel with comfort, luxury and sustainability guaranteed!

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel

It is our turn as travelers of the world to make better decisions on how we travel and become a part of the new kind of travel!

Ca'Di Dio

Welcome to Ca’di Dio

Discover everything the beautiful Italian city of Venice has to offer in our new member hotel Ca'Di Dio!

Mountain Day

Celebrating International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day is celebrated annually on December 11th, join us to discover the infinite wonders nature offers within mountains!


Travel To Italy

One of the go-to bucket list destinations. Italy is waiting for you!


Susafa Launch

We are welcoming out new member hotel Susafa, the ideal destination for peace and quiet.

Adventure Travel

National Hiking Day

We've got the top destinations to plan the perfect hike, get your shoes and sunscreen ready!

Pasha Beachfront Estate

Let Us Introduce You To Pasha Beachfront Estate!

Get to know our new member hotel Pasha Beachfront Estate located in the wonders of Costa Rica! This can be one of your new bucket list destinations!

Sustainable Travel

Eco Hotels & Resorts Anniversary!

Celebrate with us our 3rd anniversary! We're so grateful for all our fellow eco-travelers and member hotels. Let's keep making sustainable travel the...

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Hotels In Nicaragua

Looking for the perfect mix between sustainability and an unforgettable trip? We've got the best options for you in Nicaragua!

Tierra Hotels

Best Holiday Destinations

Traveling is even more special during holiday season. Don't miss on these ideal destinations!

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel Trends

Get the best tips to GO GREENER! Even when you're traveling you've got several options to make better decisions, and take of our planet!

Top 3 Best Fall Destinations

Get to know Eco Hotels & Resorts' Top 3 Best Fall Destinations! We hand-picked the hotels that suit this following fall season the best!

Regenerative Travel

Eco Hotels & Resorts Inspires Change

July 28 is Nature Conservation Day let's honor it by talking about sustainable travel and changing the industry in this direction, making the world a...

Eco Hotels & Resorts

B.ECO Community

B.ECO - a community created by passionate travelers to positively impact the world and our communities by traveling in a sustainable way

Sustainable Travel

Eco Hotels & Resorts - INSPIRE Event

INSPIRE is Eco Hotels & Resorts' first annual event for Member Hotels only. Make sustainable travel the norm, not the exception!

Top 3 Resorts For A Summer Family Getaway

What better way to spend summer than with your family? Have fun in the sun this holiday season or an adventure in the desert in the most exceptional...

Nayara Resorts

Top 5 Romantic Hotels For Couples

Looking to have a romantic getaway with your special someone? Come and rediscover your love in these 5 amazing hotels to have a magical experience.

Sustainability In The Traveling Industry

Have you ever wondered of the impact the traveling industry has on our environment? Check out our latest blog post to learn how the traveling...

Tips & News

Top 4 Hotels For Yoga Retreats

Discover the best hotels to have a getaway and do a yoga retreat to relax and renew body, mind, and soul.

Christopher Hotel

Top 5 Bucket List Hotels

This holiday season check out our travel bucket list so you finish the year in the perfect place with the perfect company!

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Communities

Have you ever heard about the impact hotels have on local communities? Check out our blog post to learn how EHR helps their local communities thrive.

Sustainable Travel

How Can We Become More Sustainable?

In the following blog post we will provide you with a full guide on how to make small changes in your daily routine to become more sustainable!

Tips & News

Top Winter Destinations

Don't know where to go this holiday season? Check out the hottest destinations of the moment and have an unforgettable vacation!

Sustainable Travel

Overtourism and How to Override it

Do you know the meaning of Overtourism? Check out our latest blog post and discover how to be a conscious traveller!

Tips & News

Best Sustainable Hotels in Chile

Come and discover the best eco-hotels Chile has to offer. Discover these hidden gems and have your dream vacation come true!

Tips & News

Sustainable Hotels

Come and discover the New Kind of Travel and the importance Sustainable Hotels have and their impact on the environment and society.

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Eco Hotels & Resorts’ Hot Sale

Come and discover our unique and exclusive Hot Sale made just for you. Get up to 30% off in EHRs best hotels & resorts, don't miss this opportunity!

Sustainable Travel

Eco Hotels & Resorts; A New Kind of Travel

Discover Eco Hotels & Resorts and their exquisite collection around the world, enjoy all the amazing perks they have to offer their guests.

Sustainable Travel

Trees & Seas Festival

Check out the Trees & Seas Festival, a global event that has the mission and goal to build a bridge between ocean and forest conservation.

Tips & News

Adventure junkies

Are you an adventure junkie? Check out what our member hotels have to offer and discover what Adventure Travel is!

Tips & News

Foodie Friday: Let’s talk about food!

Eco Hotels & Resorts wants to introduce to you Foodie Friday! This brand new concept will give you the best tips about food and culture.

Sustainable Travel


we are ready to start changing how we travel; we are approaching the era of sustainable travel.

Sustainable Travel


A country can gain so much from its tourism sector. This sector, when thriving, brings in an abundance of wealth, growth, exposure, and employment...

Sustainable Travel


Green or eco-friendly practices are growing around the world. Nowadays, going green is no longer a simple matter of consciousness, it is a business...

Sustainable Travel


Travel has many faces, people travel for business, pleasure, food, discovery, culture, transformation, among many other things. EHR invites you to...

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Countries around the world are slowly relaxing their lockdowns and easing into a new normal where people are looking for new experiences and...

Sustainable Travel


Plastic Bag Free Day, celebrated on July 3rd. is a global initiative that aims to eliminate the use of single-use plastic bags

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Organic food has exploded in popularity over the past years. It is healthier and tastier than regular food, and it’s better for the environment and...

Christopher Hotel


The world is waiting for you to rediscover it, there are always new corners to visit and new adventures to live.

Sustainable Travel


Where should you travel next was a difficult question because people felt unsafe and the health protocols and measures were not as present as they...

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Sustainable tourism is an important topic these days. Everyone is talking about it, blogs, magazines, newspapers, and travel agencies.

Sustainable Travel


At EHR we believe in sustainable travel, which is why we are searching for natural and organic properties that have a long-term positive impact on...

Sustainable Travel


Sustainable tourism is an important term these days. Every Wednesday you can find in our Social Media our sustainability efforts.

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It’s time to celebrate and start a new chapter in your life without losing everything you learned this year 2020.

Sustainable Travel


Ecotourism is defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and...

Sustainable Travel


Earth is the only home we have ever known and it is the only home we will ever know. Nowadays, the issue of climate change is saturating the media.

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