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There’s a very common belief in the hospitality industry that luxury and sustainability will always be opposites. But that’s not true and EHR proves it

There’s a very common belief in the hospitality industry that luxury and sustainability will always be opposites, that no sustainable measure can be seen as luxurious. But that’s not true, luxury hotels must have sustainable measures in their daily operations if they’re hoping to attract travelers of today who want to enjoy luxury without harming the world.

When it comes to sustainability in hotels, people immediately think of rooms without air conditioning and cold showers. But they are very wrong, hotels and resorts all around the world have proved that a business model that supports both sustainability and luxury is possible. Nowadays sustainability is a must for every kind of business, especially for hotels because they are a huge source of waste. And when they produce all this wastage, they harm the environment and their business, because guests would not want to visit a place with polluted dark skies, seaweed or dirty seawater and beaches.



Luxury hotels and resorts really need to get innovative with their sustainable measures and get inspiration from what other hotels are doing or even be a pioneer in taking sustainability to the next level. With the rise of environmentally conscious travelers sustainability is indispensable.

Diana Verde Nieto, the co-founder and CEO of Positive Luxury, said: “Millennials are twice as likely to support brands with strong management of environmental and social issues, and expect brands to not only manage their impact but communicate it.” But does this mean that hoteliers have to compromise luxury? Of course not, sustainability can actually complement luxury with things like exotic farm to table cuisine, hotel decorations made from locally sourced materials, or by local artisans. Luxury is increasingly based on provenance and storytelling like where things come from, who made them and how they were created, and sustainability often supports this.



Eco Hotels & Resorts is the proof

Nowadays there are many hotels trying to create a positive change in the world, but they are struggling with how to sell themselves since they are both sustainable and luxurious. Eco Hotels & Resorts realized the problems that these hotels face everyday, so they came up with the incredible idea of making a collection of luxury eco-hotels and provide them with integral sales and marketing solutions, distribution channels, revenue management, and technology. 

Eco Hotels & Resorts member hotels are beating down on the idea that guests have to give up luxury when traveling to a sustainable hotel. The world is giving us a second chance to rediscover it, be the kind of people who seek for luxury while also doing their part to save the world.


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