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Countries around the world are slowly relaxing their lockdowns and easing into a new normal where people are looking for new experiences and adventures

Countries around the world are slowly relaxing their lockdowns and easing into a new normal where people are looking for new experiences and adventures that follow the necessary health protocols. Giving them a sense of security and confidence.

Last month, the European Commission announced a plan to save summer tourism in order to help the struggling travel industry. The plan includes opening borders back up and putting health measures and testing in place. But this isn’t just happening in Europe, a lot of tourism-reliant economies around the world are planning to open their borders to travelers as soon as possible.



What You Need To Know About Tourism’s Grand Opening

We know the opening of borders has been uneven and unpredictable, but if you are ready to travel again, the travel industry is ready for you. This industry is taking a very thoughtful approach to how they communicate leisure travel right now, they want to talk to visitors in a way that will make them feel comfortable and safe.

To keep travelers safe hotels and airlines are implementing strict health protocols, guidelines and restrictions. Also, there´s an emphasis on outdoor activities to reassure guests that they’ll be safe. Jason Swick, the vice president of digital marketing at Simpleview said: “Showing travelers safety is a top priority by sharing local business pledges, communicating how often public locations are sanitized and promoting social distancing.”



A lot of cities have started their grand opening efforts by reaching out to travelers who are known to love the city for its food, music, and culture. A good example of this is New Orleans, in the USA. Jeff O’Hara​, president of PRA New Orleans said: “Our initial marketing message is directed to these people, with the idea to tickle them with messaging about the things they miss most about New Orleans”.

Some places are reopening quickly, others in stages. Some have a fresh face, others are unchanged, and many are offering great discounts. The travel industry is ready for visitors again, but as advice don’t forget to check the health protocols and cancellation policies before booking a trip.



Eco Hotels & Resorts is ready for you

EHR is looking forward to see you again willingly to have incredible new adventures! We are excited for you to enjoy our collection’s escapades surrounded by nature. And of course, we want you to feel safe in our properties, that’s why we are implementing all the necessary health protocols and measures. Our member hotels have a capacity of less than 100 rooms guaranteeing our guests’ privacy, seclusion, and exclusivity. 


For most hotels and airlines, the grand opening strategy is pretty simple: send out a press release saying that they’re ready to welcome guests again. But it goes beyond announcing that they have reopened, the important thing is to inform travelers which strict health protocols they are implementing and that their number one priority is the guests’ safety. It’s all about building trust for people who are ready to travel again, are you?



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