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Best Holiday Destinations

Traveling is even more special during holiday season. Don't miss on these ideal destinations!

Are you passionate about travel? We know there are endless beautiful destinations around the world, however each has a special effect depending of the time of the year, it can be a sandy beach on summer or a quiet comforting place for winter, taking into account that on the southern hemisphere of the planet countries celebrate christmas in the middle of summer. 

For you to choose what is best for you, at EHR we have selected a couple of our favorite destinations ideal for this holiday, whether you are looking for a trip with your family, your loved one or by yourself! including summer and winter, adventurous activities, wellness experiences and special offers.

Morgan’s Rock 

Morgan’s Rock is located in Nicaragua, known for its amazing rainforests, pleasing colonial architecture, towering volcanoes and vast lakes. Nicaragua is not one of the most crowded destinations, this makes it the perfect destination if you are looking for a relaxing time. 

Morgan’s Rock is also ideal for a family trip for the activities they offer. You can take a hike with stunning sunset views, get into the jungle and discover Nicaragua’s wildlife, specially three species of monkeys found in the forest (Howler monkeys, Shy Spider monkeys and White Faced Capuchins) or get to know the organic agriculture and sustainable practices that keep the place safe.

We have a special offer for you, stay longer and have an extra night for free! Starting from a 4 day trip.

 Nicaragua's wildlife

Tierra Atacama 

Tierra Atacama is located in Chile, one of the countries that celebrates Christmas during the summer time, with temperatures around 80°F. If you are running away from the cold weather, this is the perfect destination for you!

The Atacama Desert is the oldest desert on Earth and has experienced semiarid conditions for roughly the past 150 million years, according to a paper in the November 2018 issue of Nature. At EHR we provide you with different activities to explore this wonderful habitat, such as visiting Tatio Geysers, one of the world’s most impressive geothermal sites and certainly an icon of the Atacama Desert, enjoy the sights of the Salar de Atacama on the captivating excursion to Chaxa Lagoon, visit the glistening lagoons of Aguas Calientes and Tuyajito.

 Tierra Atacama landscapes

Amilla Maldives

The Maldives is one the the most popular holiday destinations for its beautiful islands, landscapes, secret beaches and warm weather. Great for couples or any group of people seeking nature, sun and activities on crystal clear water.

Amilla Maldives offers international foods on its menu, also vegan and keto options on the various restaurants that will provide a different experience with each meal. Discover your most adventurous self with many fun activities to get to know the place, such as glamping, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayak, paddleboarding, fishing, different watersports and breakfast on a floating tray!

 Maldives activities

The perfect time for your booking is here! Visit https://ecohotelsandresorts.com for more information and special offers. We wish you happy holidays!

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