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Best Solo Travel Destinations For This Holiday Season

Have you ever done solo traveling? Discover the best places to go this holiday season and rediscover yourself.

Have you ever experienced the magic of traveling solo? If you have not it is something that definitely needs to be on your bucket list! Solo travel gives you ultimate freedom, from the moment you open your eyes in the morning it’s just you and your desires. It is the perfect time to meet and connect with yourself, you learn to find your way around alone, you meet new people, and the most important thing, you gain a lot of personal growth.

Tierra Patagonia - Chile

But I have to warn you, solo travel is definitely not for everyone, some people return home soon after departing, others can’t stand the sense of loneliness. But in my personal opinion, you’ll never learn that if you don’t travel once by yourself. Whether it’s a short or a long trip it is definitely a life-changing experience. So next up we’re going to talk about the best solo travel hotels you need to visit if you’re planning on doing a trip by yourself this holiday season. 

Tierra Hotels

First up we have the Tierra Hotels located in Chile. Tierra Hotels offer the ultimate adventure vacation and is the perfect place to go if you’re solo traveling. They have three different locations, Tierra Atacama on the desert of San Pedro de Atacama, Tierra Chiloé on the island of Chiloé, and Tierra Patagonia, in Torres del Paine National Park.  Each of these hotels offers different kinds of accommodations and experiences, their incredible excursions and authentic gastronomy will take you on an amazing journey that combines active adventure with relaxation in the resorts’ spas. It is the perfect place to go solo traveling because you will never get bored! Tierra is filled with adventure and waiting for you to go and discover it.

tierra_atacama_desert_solo_traveling_san pedro de atacama_adventure_mountain
Tierra Atacama - Chile

Olas Tulum

Next, we have Olas Tulum located in the Mexican Riviera. Relax in a secluded place and point of connection between yourself and nature. This hotel is a place of natural splendor with like-minded people, vibrant food, and a sustainable commitment to this part of the world. Olas is all about making a connection with yourself, the people around you, and the environment. Every moment at Olas, from the first sip of coffee in the morning to the last sunset of the day, is a celebration of nature. If you’re looking for a more relaxed vacation Olas is the perfect place for you. Visit this boutique hotel and enjoy your privacy like never before so you can start the new year completely relaxed and renewed.

Olas Tulum - Mexico

Ljs Ratxó 

Enjoy nature like never before at LJs Ratxó Hotel, located in Puigpunyent, Mallorca. Live unforgettable moments in this natural paradise, hearing the crackling of an outdoor fire, sinking into a deep pool, relaxing with a vinyasa yoga session at the rooftop, and feasting on gastronomic delights in the company of your loved ones. LJs Ratxo´s secret lies in its connection with nature. Whether you are searching for adventure or a moment to relax, the activities at LJs Ratxo offer you just what your mind and body need. Enjoy yoga sessions in the sun, breathe fresh clean air, and enjoy the views,  relax at the spa, explore hiking routes through the Tramuntana mountain range, or ride a bike and discover the nature reserve that surrounds the hotel. Ljs Ratxó is the perfect place to be if you’re looking for a mix of adventure and relaxation. 

Ljs Ratxó - Spain

Mas Salagros

Last but not least we have Mas Salagros, located in Barcelona. It is the first 100% eco-friendly resort in the peninsula. This resort is located in a nature reserve, with views of the Parc de la Serralada Litoral, their location and their 100% sustainable operation make this the only place of its kind in Barcelona. Mas Salagros also serves top-quality organic Mediterranean cuisine, made with seasonal produce. They want you to have a full experience and embrace the slow movement: taking the time to enjoy each moment. It is the perfect place for a fun getaway or a simply relaxing weekend in a stunning natural paradise. Within a 15 minutes drive from Mas Salagros you can enjoy: North Barcelona Coast beaches, vineyards, and wineries in the Alella region, 18 holes Golf Club, La Roca Village Shopping Center, and Catalunya Race Track.

mas salagros_hotel_resort_solo traveling_garden
Mas Salagros - Spain

Discover the magic and beauty of traveling with yourself, the world is waiting for you to go and discover it.“Traveling alone will be the scariest, most liberating, life-changing experience of your life. Try it at least once.”

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