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Celebrating Bonobo Day

Did you know that February 14th is also Bonobo Day? Today more than ever we reinforce sustainable travel!

Today is a special day! As we all know… it’s Valentine’s day and who doesn’t love celebrating love?  But did you know that February 14th is also Bonobo Day? It's a special day to celebrate the conservation of Bonobos - a species of great ape found only in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Bonobo Day

Bonobos are a critically endangered species, and their numbers have been steadily declining since the 1970s. As the human population has grown, their habitats have been destroyed and poaching has become a serious problem. If we don't take action now, these remarkable creatures could be lost forever.

That's why Bonobo Day is so important. It's a chance for us to come together and raise awareness about the plight of Bonobos and the need for conservation. It's also a great opportunity to show our support for eco-friendly travel, which has a great impact on the environment.

Bonobo Day

It is our turn to take action, one of the ways to help on the preservation of Bonobos is sustainable travel. Sustainable travel is all about taking care of the local environment, avoiding entertainment that includes animals, reducing the carbon footprint and participating in wildlife care programs. 

When you book a stay at EHR’s (soon to be Ownia Collection) member hotels, you can make a huge positive impact on the environment. These establishments use renewable energy sources like solar power, reduce their water usage and recycle their waste. Plus, they often provide educational programs and invest in conservation efforts. By choosing to stay at an eco-resort, you can help support the protection of endangered species like the bonobo.

Bonobo Day

And the best part? You don't have to sacrifice comfort or luxury. Sustainable resorts offer stunning settings, excellent service and fantastic amenities. So if you're looking to make your next vacation a bit more eco-friendly, look no further than a sustainable resort.

Bonobo Day

When you're planning your getaway, remember that you can make a difference. By choosing to stay at a sustainable resort and supporting conservation efforts, you can help ensure that bonobos and other endangered species thrive for generations to come. Happy Bonobo Day!

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