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Rise & Shine Travelers! This Is How You Start Your Day Staying At Our Hotels!

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while living the vacations of your life!

We know coffee is always a good idea! Coffee has always been more than a beverage in the morning or your go-to drink on your way to work. It is now one of the most popular beverages in the world, it represents community, quality time with loved ones, the boost of energy you need in the middle of the day, the key to meeting new people or networking, and a whole experience for people who have a loyal relationship with coffee.

Whether it is espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, or iced coffee, a cup of coffee always gives you that cozy feeling that makes you feel at home wherever you are.  So while traveling, why not start your day with a nice glass of iced coffee, have your favorite breakfast or enjoy wonderful sunsets with a warm cappuccino?

At Eco Hotels & Resorts we declare ourselves as coffee lovers, so we wanted to share with you two of our favorite coffee experiences in two different destinations:

OLAS Tulum offers French press coffee sourced from the rainforest state of Chiapas, one of Mexico's premium coffee options. 

Wouldn't you love to wake up surrounded by nature, warm weather, and breakfast cooked with organic local ingredients, enjoy the main dish that changes every day, sometimes peppery chilaquiles or huevos rancheros, these are some of the most delicious traditional Mexican meals, accompanied by a cup of Chiapas coffee.


At Las Nubes de Holbox you can get some relaxing time while appreciating the marvelous landscapes of the beach and the ocean with special drinks, such as energizing juices or tasty and aromatic coffee also made with local ingredients. Try this aromatic coffee with your loved ones and share your experience so that more people can discover the great world of coffee, vacations, and sustainability.


Aside from celebrating coffee’s delicious flavor and enjoying the extraordinary local gastronomy, let’s raise awareness of how everything is made. Sustainable travel should be the only kind of travel, choosing hotels like this guarantee the ultimate eco-traveling experience, including delicious meals and beverages.

Our hotels use local, seasonal products. Supporting the local economy and communities, reducing their footprint, and offering their guests the most healthy, natural, and delicious gastronomic experience to their guests! 

 Join us with a delicious cup of coffee and enjoy a dreamy vacation booking with Eco Hotels & Resorts!

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