Mountain Day

Celebrating International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day is celebrated annually on December 11th, join us to discover the infinite wonders nature offers within mountains!

International Mountain Day is celebrated annually on December 11th to raise awareness about the importance of mountains in nature, to highlight the endless facts mountains offer, and to come up with activities that will bring knowledge about these natural wonders into people’s lives. This is not only about an exhausting hike towards the peak of a mountain, but a chance for self-discovery along with nature.

It’s been proven that spending time in mountains inspires more physical activity, which increases dopamine and serotonin and improves your mood. Activities at higher altitudes burn more calories contributing to a healthy weight. Being in nature lowers cortisol and can improve short-term memory.


On this day we bring you some options to commemorate the date if you are lucky enough to have mountains around you; Try mountain biking! Something different apart from hiking or climbing, just make sure you have the equipment needed for your own safety. Also, camping with your loved ones can be an opportunity to create a deeper bond, enjoy nature with short walks or deepen the scenery and experience some amazing views at night.

Hiking is obviously a popular activity on this day, as we have said before, hiking is good for your physical health and mental health, reducing stress and anxiety within nature. At EHR, many of our member hotels offer hiking experiences. Walk within the slopes of Mount Kenya and the peaks of the Aberdare Mountains at Solio Lodge in Kenya, apart from horse riding and cycling encountering zebras, impalas, warthogs, and giraffes. 

solio lodge

You can take a hike  to the premier point from where the view of the sunset disappears into the Pacific, get into the jungle and discover Nicaragua’s wildlife at Morgan’s Rock, take a 20-minute basic stroll or a two-hour hike to the top of Galatzo mountain. And if you are the tranquil type, take a bike around nature reserve that surrounds the hotel at LJ’s Ratxó in Spain.


We invite you to become part of this day! Share with us which activities you enjoy doing the most around mountains!

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