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Celebrating World Zebra Day

Let’s celebrate World Zebra Day and support the causes that take care of this beautiful creature.

World Zebra Day is celebrated on the 31st of January and it is a special day to recognize the unique beauty of these animals. Zebras are known for their black and white striped coats and are a symbol of African wildlife. They are also highly social animals and form strong bonds with their families and other herds.

At EHR, sustainable travel is our main goal. Our member hotels have a positive impact on the environment because of their green practices which involve energy, environment, community, local produce, water and waste. One of the reasons we want to raise awareness about sustainable travel is for the protection, conservation, and well-being of species around the globe, to maintain the balance of ecosystems, health, biodiversity, and care for the planet.

Today we raise awareness about these animals that are found in the African savannas and beyond. The Safari Collection in Kenya is dedicated to the protection of these majestic creatures and offers a variety of experiences and initiatives to ensure their safety. 

The Safari Collection

The Safari Collection in Kenya (5 member hotels of EHR) is passionate about protecting this species and has created a variety of experiences and initiatives to ensure their safety. One of the main projects is The Grevy’s Zebra Trust (GZT) which works to protect the endangered Grevy's zebra. This includes the introduction of fences to separate them from other grazing animals, medical help, and the tracking and monitoring of the animals.

The Safari Collection

This collection of hotels (Solio Lodge, Sasaab,The Giraffe Manor and Sala’s Camp) also offer a unique experience for visitors to observe these animals in their natural habitat. The gamedrives will take you on a journey through the savannah and you can see these beautiful animals in their natural environment. You will also get the chance to learn more about the conservation efforts being made and the importance of protecting the local wildlife.

The Safari Collection

Finally, the Safari Collection also counts with the opportunity for everyone to donate to the Grevy’s Zebra Trust. This allows you to directly contribute to the conservation efforts by providing funds for the maintenance of this fragile habitat. 

Let’s celebrate World Zebra Day and support the causes that take care of these animals, the Safari Collection is working hard to ensure their safety. With their initiatives and experiences, you can learn more about these animals, contribute to the conservation efforts, and observe these beautiful animals in their natural habitat while exploring the wonders of Kenya.

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