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Eco Hotels & Resorts; A New Kind of Travel

Discover Eco Hotels & Resorts and their exquisite collection around the world, enjoy all the amazing perks they have to offer their guests.

Eco Hotels & Resorts (EHR) is born from the idea that you don’t have to give up comfort and luxury when you travel to a sustainable hotel.  They believe in making the world a better place, now more than ever people need to be eco-conscious in their daily life aspects. That’s why Eco Hotels & Resorts’ collection has been curated to offer its public a wide array of unique experiences. 


EHR offers a curated collection of inspiring Eco-Luxury Hotels and Resorts around the world, they believe that inspiration is the key of traveling. Discover their exquisite collection to inspire future adventures!



Vomo Island - Fiji


Its founder, Maria Olazabal, is a passionate traveler who was born and raised in Mexico City. As she started discovering the touristic and secret sides of Mexico she realized that hospitality was her passion. Following this passion she moved to Switzerland to study hospitality at one of the best universities in the industry: Les Roches International School of Hotel Management.


Continuing her impulse of helping the environment, in 2019 she decided to create Eco Hotels & Resorts. This was the perfect opportunity to use her professional experience and contribute to the betterment of the world at the same time. A few months later COVID-19 hit in and reality took a 360 degree turn. Tourism is currently one of the most affected industries globally and even though the world is slowly moving towards a recovery stage, the travel & tourism industry is one of the slowest in this process.


The pandemic has influenced travel patterns and habits regarding psychological and economic factors. The fear of contamination impacts travelers’ willingness to travel and the conditions and preferences for vacation destinations. At least in the medium term, people will avoid traveling in large groups and being in crowded places. Hygiene and health conditions in the host destination can represent essential factors in travel decisions. 


Eco Hotels & Resorts knows travel, it’s what they do, this is one of the many reasons this has become the perfect option for travelers right now. Their member hotels strictly follow all the safety protocols and are in constant sanitation. Another perk is that they offer complete privacy and perfect hygiene and health conditions.



Hermitage Bay - Antigua & Barbuda




A trip with  EHR’s member hotels include more than just mesmerizing experiences. Their mission is to make their guests have an unforgettable trip with places that will stay with them forever. 


Eco Hotels & Resorts is launching their loyalty program, B.ECO, to give travelers that extra something they’ve been looking for. B.ECO’s main goal is to promote sustainable tourism and to show travelers all the incredible things they can find in their collection of member hotels. By being a part of this, guests will be able to enjoy different type of exclusive perks, VIP treatment and top quality experiences. 


As a B.ECO traveler, guests will have access to a sustainability tour in each of the hotels 

while enjoying a delightful welcome amenity. Also they will have airport transfer, breakfast included, upgrades upon availability and so much more (restrictions may apply).


Travelers will enjoy the complete eco-experience by choosing to book with EHR and make their personal values count while traveling. They will be able to enhance sustainability, positively impact the local community, support corporate social responsibility, grow happiness and ensure a destination’s uniqueness. 



Christopher Hotel - St. Barths




Eco Hotels & Resorts believes in sustainable travel, which is why they are mindful of only selecting super natural, organic experiences that have a long term positive impact on the environment and the communities who help them make their guests' vacations memorable. In addition, all of their member hotels and resorts contribute to the betterment of the world by integrating sustainable practices into their core principles. In other words, their guests' stay is upgraded by practices such as employing sustainable energy sources, growing-or-buying local ingredients, helping the surrounding communities grow and evolve, educating travelers, and more. 



Tierra Atacama - Chile

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