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Eco Hotels & Resorts - INSPIRE Event

INSPIRE is Eco Hotels & Resorts' first annual event for Member Hotels only. Make sustainable travel the norm, not the exception!

Eco Hotels & Resorts - INSPIRE Event


Inspire event: Eco Hotels & Resorts’ first annual get-together for Member Hotels only.

Eco Hotels are not just an increasing travel trend, the world is changing and so is the hotel industry towards sustainable travel. In Eco Hotels & Resorts we are part of that change. Working hand by hand with our member hotels who contribute to the improvement of the world by following the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council)  recommendations and by integrating sustainable practices into their core principles such as employing sustainable energy sources, growing-or-buying local ingredients, helping the surrounding communities grow and evolve, and regenerating their environment. 

Get to know more about the Inspire Event 

The first eco-tourism event created by Eco Hotels & Resorts has finally arrived to build a stronger community. We are bringing together more than 26 hotels worldwide to continue promoting sustainable travel, joining forces to continue offering sustainable, exclusive, and unique experiences.

This event is carefully designed exclusively for our member hotels focusing on building new industry relationships.



The event will take place on November 10th, 2022 at LJs Ratxo Eco-Luxury Retreat in Mallorca, Spain (member of EHR). Where each hotel will present sustainability initiatives and practices, inspiring members from 14 different countries.

We’ll offer open spaces between hoteliers to talk about current situations, obstacles, and opportunities to always be one step ahead and overcome future challenges. The perfect opportunity for each hotel to demonstrate its essence and sustainable expertise to its fullest.

Why in LJs Ratxo?

LJs Ratxó Hotel is a breathtaking natural paradise, surrounded by mountains, with relaxing and wholesome experiences. LJs Ratxo´s secret lies in its connection with nature, ever since they join us in September 2020, they’ve always had the openness and the initiative to create an event like this one. To make more noise boosting eco-traveling projects always having in mind making a positive impact on the world, growing and improving all together as one. 



At Eco Hotels & Resorts we care about sustainable and regenerative travel, we believe in making the world a better place, and having a positive impact on the environment and the local communities of our member hotels’ that offer unforgettable vacations.

We want to inspire more hotels and travelers to choose sustainable travel (the new kind of travel), sharing all the knowledge and resources we all have. Being pioneers in creating the first exclusive eco-traveling event of the industry and building a strong and competitive community.


Inspiring change, learning new and better ways to do things, offering an amazing network platform, and creating memorable eco-luxury experiences for travelers worldwide.


Help us make sustainable travel the norm, not the exception!

Join us - 

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