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Sustainable tourism is an important term these days. Every Wednesday you can find in our Social Media our sustainability efforts.

Sustainable tourism is an important term these days, it seems like everyone is talking about it. The internet is loaded with information about the topic. And the reason is that travelers are becoming more aware of the impact of their actions on the environment and on the local communities.  

Sustainable tourism is a way of traveling that leaves a minimum negative impact in the places visited and leaves a positive impact on the local communities. According to a 2019 report by the World Travel & Tourism Council, tourism represents more than 10% of the global GDP, so it is an extremely important sector in our economy. However, what will tourism be like in the future if it is done in an unrestrained way? What will happen to local communities if large hotels hire only foreigners? And as travelers, do we need to put wild animals at risk just because we want a selfie with them? Creating sustainable practices in our travels is as important as creating sustainable habits in our daily lives. 


EcoWednesday Sustainable travel


We are changing the way people travel to make the world a better place for today’s and future generations. Our main goal is to incentivize a global movement that will make people around the world more conscious about the choices they make when they travel and we are beating down on the idea that guests have to give up luxury when traveling to a sustainable hotel. That’s why we created EcoWednesday. Every Wednesday you can find in our Instagram and Facebook accounts all the sustainability efforts our hotels & resorts are implementing in their daily operations and some tips on how to improve your daily habits.


EcoWednesday Sustainable Travel


Every Wednesday you can find out more about the following standards our member hotels & resorts align to ensure their best practices:

  1. Member hotels must hire their staff locally, with the purpose of boosting the local economy. 
  2. The local community is invited to monthly interactions with the hotel’s employees. This is done with the intention of fostering long-lasting relationships. Moreover, they are provided with the knowledge and tools they need to bring sustainability to their everyday practices.
  3. To reduce the hotel’s footprint, clean energy is employed. This is achieved by adopting appropriate technology that aims towards minimizing negative impact.
  4. Hotels must strive towards responsible water management practices by measuring how much they use and by implementing recycling wastewater technologies.
  5. Guest’s food must come from nearby sources. In order to decrease the transportation footprint and increase local employment opportunities. When possible, hotels grow their own orchards and raise their own chickens.
  6. Member hotels agree to Preserve, Restore and Protect the local biodiversity through the implementation of best practices and help of local organizations.
  7. Hotels infuse into their practices the four R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste.
  8. Member hotels provide competitive salaries and benefits to their employees to strengthen the local economic system.
  9. They don’t use pesticides or cleaning products that contain chemicals that harm the environment.


EcoWednesday Sustainable Travel


Don´t miss out our weekly EcoWednesday post and discover incredible sustainable practices our member hotels & resorts implement in their daily operations. The next time you travel, look up for brands that leave a positive impact in the world. We are setting a new travel trend, join our movement! 


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