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Eco Hotels & Resorts Impact Pillars

At Eco Hotels & Resorts their core principle is sustainability, that is why they have a strict criteria their member hotels must follow.

Eco Hotels & Resorts wants to see and promote real change. They deeply believe that the way of traveling needs to change and people need to be aware of the impact the travel industry has on our planet. A key aspect while traveling is focusing not only in not damaging the environment but in regenerating it. 

That is why at Eco Hotels & Resorts they base their sustainability criteria on 12 different pillars taking into account the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) criteria . Every hotel or resort in their collection is committed to each of these pillars, with the sole púrpose of generating a good impact on the environment.

eco_hotels_resorts_impact_pillars_sustainabilityEHR’s Impact Pillars



Hermitage Bay - Antigua & Barbuda

Their member hotels are deeply involved with local communities, most of their employees are locals or from nearby towns/cities/villages. They support them by providing access to employment, community engagement programs, education initiatives, financial support and health services. The goal is to make local communities prosper, grow and improve by working together with them. 

This Pillar implements the following SDGs:


Nayara Springs - Costa Rica

Their member hotels play an active role in restoring the natural surrounding ecosystems and landscapes by focusing their efforts on reforestation, wildlife protection, replanting native fauna, conservation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

This Pillar implements the following SDGs:


Olas Tulum - Mexico

Their member hotels give an equal opportunity to local residents, including managerial positions without any discrimation of any kind. They deeply care about their employees which is why their labour rights are respected, offer them fair wages and provide them with a safe and secure working environment. 

This Pillar implements the following SDGs:


Ljs Ratxó - Spain

Using clean, renewable energy is one of the most important actions to reduce our impact on climate change and the environment. That is why their member hotels have a conservation system in place and use renewable energy on their daily operations, minimizing their impact on the environment.

This Pillar implements the following SDGs:


Morgan’s Rock - Nicaragua

At EHR they are committed to education in sustainable travel. That is why their member hotels offer sustainability tours, signaling all their sustainability efforts. In addition, the hotels are also committed to supporting local education and training in sustainable practices. 

This Pillar implements the following SDGs:


Tierra Atacama - Chile

Conserving, maintaining and respecting cultural beliefs, practices and heritage while visiting a new place is one of the core principles they have at EHR. All of their member hotels are committed to honor, respect and conserve local culture and its traditions. 

This Pillar implements the following SDGs:


morgans_rock_nicaragua_design_sustainable_impact_pillarsMorgan’s Rock - Nicaragua

Their member hotels use mainly sustainable, natural and local materials in their construction. Their decorations help the ambience feel the local culture with elements of traditional and contemporary culture incorporated in their design. Whenever possible old buildings are maintained, local artists and artisans supported, always respecting the intellectual property rights of local communities. 

This Pillar implements the following SDGs:

Justice & Legislation

las nubes_ holbox_mexico_justice_legislation_impact_pillars
Las Nubes de Holbox - Mexico

Justice & legislation promotes the strategic and integrated management, use and development of natural resources. Their member hotels are committed to following strict policies against commercial, sexual or any other form of exploitation or harassment in order to push hotels to improve and have a long term sustainability management system. 

This Pillar implements the following SDGs:


Christopher Hotel - St. Barths

Sustainability isn't just about the health and the well-being of the planet; it's about the health and well-being of people. That’s why their member hotels provide guests with super natural and organic products that are often made on the property, such as soaps, shampoos, creams  and all spa products. 

This Pillar implements the following SDGs:


Hermitage Bay - Antigua & Barbuda

Their member hotels have their own greenhouse where they grow their own food when possible. If the food can’t be grown in the hotel they buy local to support the community’s supply chain. Leftover food is used to feed local animals or turned into compost, but it is never wasted. 

This Pillar implements the following SDGs:


Vomo Island - Fiji

Water is one of the most wasted resources in the hotel industry, that is why their member hotels use their own plants to treat water with filtration and cleaning techniques, they use the treated water for irrigation. To minimize water consumption they implement modern equipment and/or on site water wells. In addition, the beachfront hotels follow ocean conservation plans to reduce marine pollution, protect and restore ecosystems, and conserve coastal and marine areas. 

This Pillar implements the following SDGs:


Bucuti & Tara - Aruba

All of their member hoteles are ruled by the 4 Rs - Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. They all have their own waste management system in place which is an important element of environmental protection. 

This Pillar implements the following SDGs:

When visiting any of their hotels don’t forget to ask for a sustainability tour! Here you will be able to see with your own eyes how each of their pillars is strictly implemented by their member hotels. 

Remember that we are all part of the same planet and we need to help however we can! Let’s collaborate together by implementing these pillars in our daily lives and discover A New Kind of Travel.

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