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Foodie Friday: Let’s talk about food!

Eco Hotels & Resorts wants to introduce to you Foodie Friday! This brand new concept will give you the best tips about food and culture.

I think everyone can agree that one of the key factors we look for when we travel is good food! According to the World Food Travel Association “food tourism is the act of traveling for a taste of the place in order to get a sense of the place”. We could say that there is a great amount of people that travel just to get to know the food culture of the place. When we decide to make a trip we do it to create new memories and experiences that will stay with us forever. These memories and experiences become remarkable when we feel connected to them, and that’s exactly how food plays its role.


Everyone loves to eat, the bond we have with food is a universal language, that is why every memory we create while traveling always comes with a flavour. Since we love to eat and to travel, the EHR family introduces to you what we like to call “Foodie Friday”.


Gastro Wine Bar - Mas Salagros EcoResort - Mallorca, Spain


What is Foodie Friday?

Foodie Friday is born from the idea that a trip must always be accompanied by a good gastronomic experience. We want our guests to feel a special connection with the place they are visiting, and we want to do it with food. Every Friday we will talk about different subjects, all revolving around food. We want to get to know your foodie side and for you to get to know what our hotels have to offer. 


All of our member hotels include a varied menu in which you can find selective foods from the region. We include vegetarian/vegan options, so if that’s your case you won’t have to worry about what you will be eating! Eco Hotels & Resorts’ mission is to travel in a sustainable way without leaving luxury behind. That is why we make sure that our hotels meet the necessary requirements in every aspect, including food. All of our hotels produce their food locally, they have their own gardens and high quality standards to meet the guests expectations. We even have Michelin Star Chefs! So be rest assured that when you travel to one of our hotels you will have an incredible gastronomic experience.


Christopher Hotel - St. Barth


Travelling Foodies 

Last but not least, we want to talk to you about travelling foodies. Travelling foodies are all those people that travel for the pure purpose of getting to know the food of the place they are visiting. Food is a gateway to other cultures, through taste, food preparation and the eating environment. Eating and drinking provide lasting memories that will define your travel experience and give it a unique added value to your journey.


Food, apart from being a physical necessity, embodies cultural identity and individuality. Food tourism is much more than a list of restaurants that you “must go to”. It is also focused on different activities such as street food tours, sharing meals with local people, visiting local markets, participating in cooking classes, learning about the history of local cuisine and many more!


So take your pick and decide which type of travelling foodie you want to be! Immerse yourself in the culinary world and enrich your palate with new and exotic flavours around the world. Use food as a mean of connection between people, places, and time. So pack your bags, taste life and enjoy the world around you!


Restaurant El Sabor de Las Nubes - Las Nubes - Holbox, México

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