Sustainable Travel

Here’s to a GREEN 2023!

Travelers have the power to make sustainable travel the only kind of travel. Let's make this new year count!

New Year… New Me! One of our principal purposes this 2023 is to make sustainable travel the only kind of travel! That’s why we need you!

Yes, you! As travelers you have the power to change the travel industry. Want to know how? Keep reading and learn how to heal the world through travel!

1. Be prepared for your trip with eco-friendly items.

Zero waste and reusable products like food containers and reusable water bottles. For adventurous travelers, you’ll need a pair of sneakers or sandals created with sustainable procedures, as well as eco-friendly camping gear. Electric items are a must have! Be sure to have rechargeable batteries or a portable solar panel.

Solio Lodge

Our hotels also help the environment in this aspect. For example, our hotels have sustainable amenities/toiletries in the bathrooms, botanical products for the spas, non-plastic bottles, etc. 

Ca’di Dio has an initiative we really admire, in collaboration with the Rio Terà Social Cooperative of Venice, which invests in work reintegration paths and supports the inclusion of inmates from the Venice prison in a series of social impact projects, Ca’ di Dio sells Malefatte bags and accessories in its boutique which have been made by female inmates using recycled PVC.

  Ca'Di DioCa'Di Dio

2. Support the local community.

Try to lengthen your stay to a minimum of two weeks in any one location for a greater opportunity to support and engage with the culture, people, and surroundings. Eat at local restaurants or cafés, stick to locally sourced food and try all the local ingredients! Shop from the local community, such as farmers, artists, craftsmen, or creators. Visit the local museums and historical sites for insight into a region’s culture. 

Senda Monteverde

By booking with us, it’s completely guaranteed that the local community and environment are supported and protected. Anse Chastanet, located in St. Lucia is an excellent example for this: Anse Chastanet provides education and training to the resort team, supports the local economy purchasing and hiring only locally, and also supports the culture promoting cultural attractions and events to customers, in addition to donation and charity programs.

Anse Chastanet

3. Be a responsible wildlife tourist.

On any excursion you choose to go on, an expert’s advice is what will teach you how to ensure a wildlife-friendly trip, apart from getting a better sight of the amazing nature around you, so don't be afraid to ask all your questions! Avoid animal entertainment, these animals are also separated from their habitat which is directly linked to the loss of the ecosystem. Avoid plastic bottles or wrappers during excursions, a small change can signify a massive difference.

Solio Lodge

All our member hotels have a strong commitment to protect the wildlife. So they have a handful of initiatives and practices to conserve and preserve the environment,  ensuring each  destination’s uniqueness and pristine permanence.  the Donations and funds are key to wildlife protection. The Giraffe Manor counts with the Conservation & breeding Giraffe program: For each guest that stays at Giraffe Manor, The Safari Collection donates $10 to AFEW (African Fund for Endangered Wildlife). These funds help the AFEW run a successful breeding program for the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe.

The Giraffe Manor

At EHR we have created a community to help you be a better tourist for the planet. Just by signing in, you will have limitless access to travel guides of each destination, get the latest tips and information to improve your eco-traveling experience, and learn more about the hotel’s sustainable initiatives. Also, B.ECO travelers have early access to special offers!

You can’t miss this opportunity. Join B.ECO today! A community created by EHR to join eco-hotels & eco-travelers worldwide!

To contribute to sustainable accommodations and green practices during your trip, check for information and bookings!

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