Holiday Vacations

It’s Never Too Late To Book Your Christmas Vacations!

What better way to celebrate Christmas than in a magical place? We've got the best options for you and your loved ones!

Christmas is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than discovering the world with your loved ones! If you still don’t have plans for your Holidays this is your chance to book a really special getaway!

Whether you are looking for a traditional comfy Christmas or warm weather-summerly vacation during winter season, we have the the best options for you:

Summer for Christmas? 

Your ideal Christmas is to escape from the cold winter and run into the beach? Located in the Caribbean's soul, Hermitage Bay offers beautiful sunsets and views of the ocean. Head to the restaurant for Christmas dinner with candles lit before dancing all night long in the company of the best local jazz bands. The island of Antigua creates the perfect place to practice mindfulness and meditation, combined with a calming spa, the ideal plan to reach the end of the year.

Hermitage Bay

Hermitage Bay

A Tropical Blue Christmas!

Are you a passionate adventure traveler even during the holiday season? This hotel has the top activities for you including glamping, sunset cruise, snorkeling, fishing, paddleboard, and many more. Imagine heading off into the sunset on a luxury yacht in search of pods of dolphins with your partner, this destination is also made for our romantic couples, since Amilla Maldives offers experiences such as romantic private dinners in a choice of breathtaking locations, floating breakfast, sandbank picnic with chef-prepared food and massages available for couples only.

Amiga Maldives

Amilla Maldives

A winter wonderland in Barcelona

One of the greatest destinations located in Spain, Mas Salagros is perfect for traveling with your family. Apart from exquisite decoration and spaces to relax, this hotel offers special activities during the holiday season for kids. At the mini club, kids will be able to prepare delicious Christmas biscuits, and writing to Santa Claus a beautiful letter to get the whole Christmas experience. We can’t forget our adult travelers with watercolors and sketching sessions, yoga classes, amazing spa and forest baths. Plus, the best gourmet experience. In Mas Salagros you’re in for a treat to relax, enjoy delicious food, and create everlasting memories!

Mas Salagros

Mas Salagros

Did any of these options finally convince you to take your suitcase and travel around the world for Christmas? We hope they did! For more information and bookings visit

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