Live The Ultimate Eco-Luxury And Adventure Experience at VOMO Island

Escape from the city (and reality) and live the fantastic experience of staying at VOMO! Check out all the features and activities you can enjoy!

VOMO Island is located in Fiji, known for its beautiful beaches and landscapes. It has to be on your tropical destination bucket list! Whether you are looking for an adventurous trip, a romantic getaway, a relaxing time, or a solo travel experience. Vomo Island is prepared to welcome travelers of all kinds, prepare your sunblock and sunglasses for this amazing experience!

vomo beach

You will be able to enjoy #1 Fiji’s Best Resort Property, including sustainable practices, wellness activities, exquisite cuisine, and land/water activities. Explore VOMO island indulging in nature, surrounded by warm air, beautiful ocean view, and wildlife.

cloud 9 vomo fiji       

We know the value of a plant-based diet for sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle, for that reason and also for your comfort, VOMO has two different restaurants, both including vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, and gluten-free options. You only have to worry about picking a restaurant and enjoy the delicious meals VOMO offers, with a variety of tropical recipes and ingredients that will be the perfect complement to your vacations.

vomo restaurant

Dishes are complemented with ingredients straight from VOMO’s own gardens supporting the local villages and community. Soil health, eliminating chemical damage to their reef, and helping to reduce their need for transporting fresh produce is key to this tropical paradise cuisine.

dining at vomo fiji

VOMO Island has an exclusive range of activities, which include snorkeling, scuba diving, stand-up paddle boarding, windsurfing, hiking, trekking, relaxing time at the spa, and taking yoga classes. 

vomo island spa

You can also spend the day by yourself on “Little Vomo”, a private island exclusively for peace and quiet, discover the wonderful marine life in their Snorkel Safari, join the scuba diving team, prepare a fishing day with your family or loved ones, and visit Cloud 9 floating bar in the middle of the ocean and admire its breathtaking views.

kayaking in fiji

Also, VOMO works towards reducing its carbon footprint for the well-being of the planet, preserving the ecosystem, respecting the habitat, and keeping this wonderful place clean and ideal for your trip, this is developed through water, chemical, and waste management.

So, in addition to living the most amazing, fun, relaxing, and luxurious vacation. Vomo also offers a great eco-travel experience! Everyone can travel sustainably while doing it with style!

vomo island rooms and suites

VOMO Island is the perfect place for your next tropical vacation, visit and book an unforgettable vacation!

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