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National Hiking Day

We've got the top destinations to plan the perfect hike, get your shoes and sunscreen ready!

Hiking can range from a short stroll around the woods to a rapid walk towards the peak of a mountain. You don’t need much equipment nor preparation; It can be one of the top experiences you can give your body while admiring beautiful nature. Hiking represents a full body workout, and it is proven to give many mental and emotional advantages in the body.

Some of the physical benefits hiking provides are, building stronger muscles and bones, improving your sense of balance, improving your heart health, improving lower body strength and decreasing the risk of respiratory diseases. 

Talking about mental benefits, spending time in nature can boost your mood and improve the way thoughts appear. 

Any workout is better with fresh air. Nature is proven to reduce stress, calm anxiety, and can lead to a lower risk of depression, according to a study done by researchers at Stanford university. 

National Hiking Day

Hiking sustainably is all about embracing your surroundings, respecting the environment and being sure to leave no trace, this means not leaving trash during your walk, destroying the habitat or making any damage to nature itself. Picking the right hiking trail, using vegan or eco-friendly items in workout clothes, sunscreen or water bottles and walking as much as possible to reduce the emissions of transport.

National Hiking Day

Our member hotels offer the best hiking experience: Tierra Patagonia offers the ultimate experience for hikers, starting with an iconic Patagonian Trek, adventure at laguna Verde and enjoy the little-known trail, discover the indigenous Patagonian history in Hunters trail, explore the border between Argentina and Chile In Tierras Backyard.

Vomo Island has included hiking experiences to know nature and enjoy the warmth of the sun. At Morgan’s Rock in Nicaragua you can take a short hike to the premier point from where the view of the stunning sunset disappears into the Pacific. Explore more than 8 miles of hiking trails in Isla Palenque around the beauty of Panama’s nature.

National Hiking Day

We always have in mind our hiking lovers. Get yourself ready to become one with nature this National Hiking Day! Visit for more information and bookings!

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