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It’s time to plan that honeymoon or romantic getaway you were eager to do before COVID 19 came and made us change our plans.

Countries around the world are slowly reopening, and finally after more than a year of living with COVID 19 there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. 2020 was an unusual year that made us change many of our plans, trips were canceled, weddings were postponed and we had to learn to live in a new reality. Living in this “New Normal” is becoming easier by the day, but there is one thing we definitely miss, and that’s traveling! It’s time to plan that honeymoon or romantic getaway you were eager to do before COVID 19 came and made us change our plans.


In pre-pandemic life, Paris was one of the most popular hotspots for newlyweds. For years Paris has been considered the “city of love”, and no doubt we love Paris! But traveling trends have been changing due to the situation we currently live in. Couples are looking for romantic destinations and private experiences that will make them feel safe and comfortable at the same time. Let’s talk about romantic traveling trends so you can plan the perfect honeymoon or romantic getaway you had to postpone!


Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort - Aruba


Couples are seeking destinations where the government has successfully implemented vaccines and where life is slowly returning to normal. Also, travelers are looking for more sustainable and regenerative travel offerings. COVID 19 has made us all reflect on what we are doing to our planet and therefore has awakened our consciousness in all aspects of our daily life. 


Drivable destinations have gained popularity over the past year since air travel has become a concern for everyone, so you might want to check your options and go to a place nearby where you can have the getaway you’ve been longing for. This can be a great option if you want to save some money and have a more private experience. 


Romantic travel will continue to be popular, couples are constantly looking to share new experiences and create memories together, however we need to have in mind that safety will be considered one of the top priorities while traveling. Luxury travel has become more popular because of this. People tend to feel more secure in luxury resorts since they strictly follow health and safety protocols, also they have much less people than popular resorts. 


Hermitage Bay - Antigua & Barbuda


Marilyn Cairo, v.p. of global sales for Premier Worldwide Marketing, the exclusive worldwide representative for Karisma Hotels & Resorts, points to romantic travel as being a recession-proof niche. “Even as our day-to-day ‘normal’ is completely redefined, this segment of the market has seen a relatively minimal shift. There’s still a clear desire for couples to ‘get away’ from it all for an intimate celebration with loved ones; that type of bucket list experience has remained high priority.”




As for honeymooners, the wait is over! Lots of newlyweds had to change their plans due to the pandemic, they have been dreaming and planning their first post-quarantine romantic getaway and finally they can do it. As travel restrictions are slowly being lifted it’s time to start planning that long awaited trip to celebrate love. One of the trends for honeymooners is “transparency”, couples expect to be in a safe environment with sanitation, this will allow them to be in complete confidence and give them the feeling of tranquility while enjoying a nice vacation.


Dining has become a popular trend this year, menus in hotels have been modified in order to give guests their dream meal, not forcing them to leave their chambers. Couples consider food to be one of the key factors in order to have the perfect vacation, so it’s important to check your dining options while planning your getaway. Room service, here we go!


Nayara Gardens - Costa Rica


Date nights are an important part of the experience, grab that basket, fill it with champagne and go to your favorite beach spot to enjoy the sunset surrounded by candles and have the most romantic evening of your life. This kind of experiences reinforce the idea of a private, romantic getaway which is exactly what honeymooners are looking for. The vacations are likely to be low-key and relaxing, where couples will look for outdoor activities such as hikings and excursions.


Eco Hotels & Resorts is ready for you


Eco Hotels & Resorts (EHR) is looking forward to seeing you again and making your dream trips come true. Start traveling again and create new memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. Discover a new kind of travel and come visit our member hotels this summer, we guarantee you exclusivity, safety measures, luxury and privacy. The wait is over, come and have that romantic getaway with your special someone, it’s time to celebrate love!




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