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Post pandemic traveling; safety first!

Come and discover the latest traveling trends and all you need to know about post pandemic travel in our member hotels!

We are all starting to feel that urge to travel again, and even though there is a lot of uncertainty about the near future one thing is for sure; our desire to travel is still there! 

COVID 19 came here to stay and we have to learn to live with it in the most responsible way possible, and that is by being vaccinated. As the world is slowly moving towards a recovery stage, we cannot deny that the travel & tourism industry is one of the slowest in this process. People’s perception of safety and new cautious behaviour are now essential for every action they take. 


The Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute recently published an article about sustainability and mentioned that the pandemic has influenced travel patterns and habits regarding psychological and economic factors. “Psychological factors, primarily the fear of contamination, impact travelers’ willingness to travel and the conditions and preferences for vacation destinations. At least in the medium term, people will avoid traveling in large groups and being in crowded places. Hygiene and health conditions in the host destination can represent essential factors in travel decisions”. 


This is one of the many reasons Eco Hotels & Resorts is the perfect option for travelers right now. Our member hotels strictly follow all the safety protocols and are in constant sanitation. Another one of our perks is that we offer you privacy and perfect hygiene and health conditions.


Christopher Hotel - St. Barths



Fully Vaccinated Staffs


EHR is proud to announce that most of our member hotels have managed to get all their staff vaccinated. So don’t worry, be assured that when you travel with EHR we will have all the necessary precautions so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest and feel in a normal and comfortable environment.


Nayara Resorts

Nayara Resorts located in Costa Rica was one of the first ones to achieve this. Costa Rica will stop requiring a health insurance policy for minors and for adults who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, these measures will take effect starting August 1, 2021. Minors (under 18) and those who are fully vaccinated can enter Costa Rica as tourists without purchasing a travel health insurance policy. In order to qualify, adults must have received one of the approved vaccines: Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or Johnson & Johnson. 


Nayara Resorts are the perfect option for your summer getaway. It’s the perfect place for you to relax and surround yourself with natural beauty, intimate spaces and connection with nature. Nayara has extraordinary services and heartfelt hospitality that will make you feel like home. Besides, you can enjoy the three different resorts Nayara offers; Nayara Gardens, Nayara Springs or Nayara Tented Camp. These resorts are located in the same area and divided in three different spaces, each providing unique experiences depending on the type of traveler you are. 



Nayara Springs - Costa Rica


Hermitage Bay

Another delightful option for you this summer is Hermitage Bay. Located in the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua & Barbuda you will find this private and tranquil hideaway on the island’s west coast. Hermitage Bay is an “adults only” resort, so if you want to have privacy this is the perfect place for you. Travellers who have received COVID-19 vaccines are now approved for entry in the island of Antigua. The hotel staff is not left behind, the total number of people working in Hermitage Bay is vaccinated in order to reactivate the island’s tourism. Hermitage Bay opens its doors to you so you can enjoy and relax by the beach as you have a post-pandemic break in the blue waters of the Caribbean. 


Hermitage Bay - Antigua & Barbuda


Tierra Hotels

Tierra Hotels have just confirmed they have all their complete staff vaccinated. Chile has as of today 79.41% of their population with a complete vaccination scheme. If you are an excursion lover and want to spend most of your time doing outside activities Tierra Hotels are just the place for you. Explore the Atacama desert, the wonders of Chiloé or the beautiful views the Patagonia has to offer.



Tierra Patagonia - Chile

So don’t wait any longer, it’s time to travel again! Take that post pandemic holiday you had to postpone and relax your mind and body while traveling in a safe way.  We all need to have a break after being locked up for more than a year. Eco Hotels & Resorts opens its doors to travelers and invites them to learn the new way of traveling, the sustainable way. Be rest assured that our member hotels strictly comply with security protocols to give you the best possible experience while visiting us. 


Stay tuned for more news about our member hotels regarding their vaccination process, our doors are always open! Let’s discover together the new way of traveling while doing it in a safe way.

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