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Sometimes it’s easier to focus on what we don’t have or the problems that surround us, rather than what we do have.

Sometimes it’s easier to focus on what we don’t have or the problems that surround us, rather than what we do have. It’s important to take time out and remember all the things we take for granted. We know that this has been a different year, full of challenges and difficulties that we never imagined would happen. But we invite you to take a moment to analyze and give thanks for the little good things that, regardless of these difficulties, made your life incredible this year.

Thanksgiving, be thankful


Here are 16 positive things or events to be thankful for that happened in 2020 and you might not be aware of. 

  1. Sheltering at home made us have bonus time with our family.
  2. Renewable energies are going to break the record of more installations this year. 
  3. Restaurants shared their secret recipes so we could make them at home.
  4. Americans rushed to adopt and foster pets in need amid the pandemic.
  5. Kopenhagen Fur, the world’s largest fur auction house, closes its doors.
  6. Tristan Da Cunha Islands will become the largest marine reserve in the world.
  7. We rediscovered our love for old hobbies like baking and gardening.
  8. ¼ of Americans are already eating plant-based alternatives in their diet.
  9. Levels of air pollutants and warming gases over some cities and regions in the world are showing significant drops. 
  10. With toilet paper out of stock, bidets are booming which is good news because they are less wasteful.
  11. John Krasinski made good news go viral with the YouTube series “Some Good News.”
  12. People around the country brushed up on their sewing skills, making masks for people who need them most.
  13. We learned that homeschooling is hard and finally recognized teachers for the heroes that they are.
  14. We came up with creative ways to celebrate special moments like drive-by birthdays and Zoom parties.
  15. A yellow turtle was discovered in India.
  16. People brought out their Christmas decorations to bring cheer during quarantine.


Thanksgiving dinner


“It’s okay to not be okay right now and to just do your best to get through this truly unprecedented time”, said Vaile Wright, director of clinical research and quality at the American Psychological Association. But while this year seems hard, there are silver linings. For example, out of quarantine comes bonus time with family, and out of activism comes changes for the better. Remember to more than ever try to see the good and treasure everything you have.

Happy Thanksgiving from Eco Hotels & Resorts!


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