Susafa Launch

We are welcoming out new member hotel Susafa, the ideal destination for peace and quiet.

The wonders of Italy are endless and Sicily is no exception! A small island full of wonders for you to explore, and enjoy the beautiful landscapes, and peacefulness that this place has to offer at our new member hotel: Susafa.

The principal mission of Susafa is to keep a peaceful and quiet ambiance merged with a connection with nature away from the mess of the world. You can give yourself a digital detox to get the full experience, all the services needed for the trip are provided inside the hotel so you do not have to worry about reaching the outer world.


Susafa’s flavors are inspired by the rural culture, an opportunity to understand the culture and lifestyle. All ingredients at dining are served organically, the hotel specializes in homemade oil made with care using traditional methods, which blends with all the flavors, along with the oven-fresh bread.

Some ingredients like peppers, tomatoes, and onions are gathered in the kitchen garden which is cared for daily. The aromatic herbs such as thyme, tarragon, camomile, and mint in every dish are also grown in Susafa’s garden.


Susafa offers the ultimate gastronomic experience, aside from enjoying traditional, homemade italian food, you can get classes to get to know the basics of pastry, pasta, bread, Sicilian cannoli, cookery class, and of course, wine-tasting.

Susafa    Susafa    Susafa

If nature is your thing, get a multi-sensory experience at the garden tour, a picnic under the trees with the flora and fauna and moon and star-gazing with the beautiful colors of the night and a drink on your side, available from June to September.

Romantic dinners indoors in an elegant restaurant and beneath the carob tree are ideal if you are attending with your significant other, each dinner includes four courses and the option to add the wine of your preference from the Sicilian wine list.


If you are seeking an eco-retreat, Susafa may be the option for you, with reforestation practices, multipurpose dispensers, cultivation of fruit and vegetables on-site, installation of a charging point for electric vehicles, seasonal programs focused on environmental education, and many more.

If you are interested in exploring Susafa, visit for more information and bookings. We are looking forward to hearing from you again!

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