Sustainability Initiatives - The Safari Collection

The Safari Collection hotels have the most amazing initiatives to preserve and protect the environment... Take a closer look into some of their eco-practices

As our newest member hotels in Eco Hotels & Resorts, The Safari Collection provides an unforgettable and exciting getaway to some of Kenya's most mystical places. This repertoire of safari hotels offers a collection of five luxury lodges and camps, where you can enjoy breathtaking views while being in close contact with some of the most emblematic animals of the place living in their natural habitat!

The Safari Collection will definitely make you live a once-in-a-lifetime experience, where although comfort and adventure are an essential part of the trip, the sustainability by which our member hotels are led by, remains a priority.

Let’s check out some of the best eco-friendly practices that The Safari Collection has to offer:


Just like us, The Safari Collection deeply cares about the environment, so the conservation fees you provide for each of the lodges in the collection are destined to the conservation of animals such as rhinos, giraffes, zebras, pangolins, elephants, cheetahs and lions! In addition, in some of these destinations such as The Giraffe Manor, you can see these magnificent animals up close while enjoying a delicious, as well as locally produced and harvested breakfast. This guarantees eco-travelers that their stay will be helping the conservation programs that benefit these species.


The Safari Collection maintains an important commitment to the community that surrounds each of its lodges. Local communities will benefit from tourism, as it will bring more awareness to local programs that range from medical centers to educational planning. The Safari Collection focuses on sustainability and turning tourism into an opportunity to give back to society. It is important to mention that part of the programs they support have to do with women and girls empowerment, family planning culture, and local security improvement.


The Safari Collection uses exclusively solar energy to produce the electricity it needs to run on a daily basis and heats its water using solar-powered boilers. As the sun shines through most of the day, almost no power for indoor illumination is required.


All of the drinking water that is consumed in their hotels is produced on-site using reverse osmosis machines, which means that it does not require any transportation or packaging. As a plus, this process leaves completely pure and refreshing water for you to drink!

Local produce:

In order to reduce the waste generated by the food industry, almost all of the food consumed in the collection lodges and camps comes packaging-free. Most of what is consumed is purchased locally, which means that the cost and impact of transportation is minimal. In addition, many of the dishes are cooked directly in their kitchens, thus avoiding the unnecessary imported canned and packaged foods.


All cleaning products used in The Safari Collection are biodegradable and natural. There are also no plastic water bottles in any of their locations. Upon arrival, each client is given a reusable bottle to carry during their whole stay. This practice has helped reduce their plastic waste by an amazing 85%!


Do you want to discover more of what Kenya has to offer? Check out the complete Safari in this link  Eco Hotels & Resorts and begin to plan the most exciting, yet eco-friendly, trip that you could ever imagine.

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