Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel

It is our turn as travelers of the world to make better decisions on how we travel and become a part of the new kind of travel!

Sustainable travel is all about making smarter choices in every aspect of your vacations. It starts from the beginning, from bookings and choices of transport, to the activities chosen to explore the local culture and traditions, where you plan to spend your money and all the resources needed, taking into account the number of people traveling. Travel in a sustainable way is a solution proposed by the tourism industry that seeks for high quality vacations without negatively impacting the natural environment.


It is our turn as travelers and citizens of the world to make better decisions on how we travel, raise awareness and share the responsibility with the community.

Traveling sustainably may seem like an impossible mission because of the lack of awareness, lack of resources from airlines, hotels, transport; A greener lifestyle is still seen as an inconvenience for people, this is caused by the misinformation about the sustainable travel options that already exist and are on the roots to become the new kind of travel.

That’s why our main purpose at Eco Hotels & Resorts is to raise awareness and make sustainable hotels as accessible as possible and to prove that you can travel sustainably while doing it with style with all the comfort and luxury you dream of! 

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So, ¿How can we start changing the way we travel?

We can start contributing by reducing general waste while we travel. This includes separating waste, recycling, using reusable grocery bags, water bottles, and more.

The waste that can’t be avoided has to be managed. Recycling and reducing food waste are the top priorities.

Implementing eco-friendly modes of transportation while traveling will definitely make a significant change. Walking and cycling to your destination instead of using a personal car is ideal. If it is available, public transport is always a good option, public transport can also make you get more involved in the local culture!


Support eco-conscious accommodations. Now the industry knows that what's good for the planet is good for profit and tourist’s health.

Every hotel or resort at EHR is committed to each of the 12 impact pillars that guarantee sustainable practices, which focus on regenerating the environment. 

Sustainable accommodations are gaining strength each day. If we want a more eco-friendly tourism industry it is our turn to keep up with the ultimate green trends.

Booking with us automatically guarantees high quality vacations at a real sustainable hotel. Each of our hotels is environmentally conscious with sustainable initiatives, only one step away from becoming carbon neutral. The next level our hotels can achieve is becoming carbon neutral, a balance of carbon dioxide emissions with its removal or by eliminating emissions from society. The ultimate level is becoming climate positive, these hotels go beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions to actually create an environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Hotels at EHR support the local community purchasing and hiring only locally, promoting the local cultural attractions and events to customers, in addition to donation and charity programs.

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Sustainable travel is our mission, our purpose and our core! Help us make sustainable travel the only kind of travel! 

Start by booking your first Eco-vacation! 

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