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Sustainable Travel Trends

Get the best tips to GO GREENER! Even when you're traveling you've got several options to make better decisions, and take of our planet!

It is a well-known fact that sustainable travel is becoming more relevant when it comes to current tourism. The idea and purpose of sustainable travel are to cause the least possible negative impact on the environment and the communities that live in our desired destination. Even though we know that tourism is a very important economic input for many countries, we are also aware that it is not always sustainable and sometimes it causes more harm than good. At Eco Hotels & Resorts, we care about your vacations being truly sustainable and that, in one way or another, they contribute to improving the environment. Here are some travel trends and tips that our member hotels live by so that you can enjoy a totally eco-conscious trip:



  • Local Produce

All of our hotels acquire the necessary supplies for their kitchen from local businesses in order to support the supply chain of the community where they are located.

Eco-Tip: To also support the local economy, try consuming artisanal products crafted by community members. Always choose to buy your food and souvenirs in local markets or independent stores; this will help their economy to be in constant growth and development.



  • Reduce Waste

The 4 Rs rule of our member hotels: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. They all have their own waste management system to protect the environment. Reusable or biodegradable products are always offered, plus leftover food is never wasted, but instead fed to animals or made into compost.

Eco-Tip: it is very important that when traveling, we actively try to reduce our waste as much as possible. A good idea would be to travel light and pack zero-waste travel items such as reusable bottles, straws, and bags. Avoid saving things you don't need like pamphlets and paper maps in order to reduce the garbage that they generate. You can also ask the hotel where you are staying if they have recycling points! This will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also help the environment.


  • Community Support

It is essential for you to know that our member hotels are highly involved with local communities. Most of their employees come from nearby towns and villages, and we support them through employment, financial support, access to health services, and education initiatives. Our goal is to help local communities grow and prosper every single day.

Eco-Tip: a great way to support the community, and also feel part of it, is by learning a little more about its culture and history before you travel or once you arrive at your destination. You don't have to be an expert, but you can opt for walking tours, visit history museums and poke around a bit about local traditions.

  • Farm-To-Table Food

Most of the food consumed at our member hotels comes from their personal greenhouse, where they grow their own ingredients according to the season. This makes your gastronomic experience as fresh as possible, without leaving sustainable dining behind.

Eco-Tip: explore local restaurants and try delicious dishes that do not use imported products. If possible, choose locally-grown and plant-based dishes that help reduce your environmental impact.

In addition to these eco-trends and tips, remember that sustainable travel does not end when your trip does. Once you return home, try promoting green traveling through conversations with your friends and family and encourage them to start traveling the same way. Start a sustainable life so that your next vacation is just as helpful to the Earth! Do not forget that by staying at any of our hotels, you are guaranteed to be supporting the environment as well as the local communities that surround them. Go ahead and book your next sustainable journey here:

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