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A year that went by slow and fast and made us reflect about everything. We know that because of the pandemic year 2020 was full of uncertainty

This year is about to end. A year that went by slow and fast and made us reflect about everything. We know that because of the pandemic year 2020 was full of uncertainty and postponements. But today we want you to know that we, as Eco Hotels & Resorts, are here to help you make up for every lost anniversary, birthday, canceled vacations, family or friends gatherings, and all the special moments that went by this year. 

Sheltering at home and listening to the news all day long made us feel worried and trapped but at the same time safe. As time went by new measures and protocols were imposed so you could continue to live your “normal” life. The tourism industry wasn´t the exception, airlines and lots of hotels and resorts are applying strict measures and protocols making travel safe again. 



It’s time to take a break and live new adventures, not only to make up for every lost celebration in the company of your loved ones but also to get the travel industry back on its feet. Do you know that more than 100 million travel and tourism jobs were lost in 2020? By the end of this year, 174 million jobs will have been destroyed and $5.5 trillion in travel and tourism GDP globally. We invite you to travel to places that have all the necessary measures and protocols to keep you safe; we need to accelerate the recovery and learn from the past to rebuild the tourism industry in a more sustainable and responsible way



Here are some measures that airlines are implementing to keep you safe during your flight:

  1. All the air introduced into the cabin is sterile. Air passes through a sanitization process.
  2. Cabin air changes every 2 – 3 minutes, 8 times more than necessary. 
  3. Individual airflow. Air is introduced from above, falls vertically down to the floor where it is absorbed. Meaning it isn’t shared with passengers. 
  4. Mandatory mask/ face covering all the time. 

In the case of hotels and resorts, you will see more frequent cleaning, transparent shields, abundant hand sanitizers, reminders about distancing, and lobbies reconfigured to create more space. You should also expect to interact with fewer workers as hotels encourage you to check-in online and use your phone as a room key.




Now that you know some measures that the tourism industry is implementing to keep you safe we hope that you will feel encouraged to travel again and have new adventures. Breathtaking places are waiting for you to discover them. Don´t let the pandemic ruin another special celebration, Eco Hotels & Resorts has the perfect destinations in the middle of nature, away from the crowds, and with the most strict health protocols just for you. 

If you have any questions or concerns about traveling to our eco-luxury hotels & resorts we are here to help you!


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