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The Ultimate Guide Of Christopher Hotel; Everything You Need To Know Before Your Visit

Check out the ultimate hotel guide before your visit to Christopher Hotel in St Barths. Learn all the does and don't before visiting this magical Caribbean island.

Snuggled between crystal-clear water and Pointe Milou, protected by the trade winds, this intimate setting is embraced by unobstructed views of the ocean and neighboring islands. Perched over the sea, guests can relax completely in exterior loungers facing the sunset, and drink in the ambiance of the setting and the laidback charms of St Barth. Imagine a large house with timeless, elegant design in the style of a contemporary loft. An ideal retreat, hip and casual, easygoing for its guests so that they feel comfortable and right at home.

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About The Resort

Christopher Hotel has 42 rooms and suites with elegant contemporary designs overlooking the sea, embracing astonishing views of the bay. There is no beach, the price for such privacy perhaps, but one of the largest infinity pools on the island. The owners of this intimate hotel imagine the Christopher property as a large family home with sleek, timeless design, yet conserving the spirit of this exceptional location turned entirely toward the ocean. Three sails comprise the logo of the Christopher in homage to the ships of Christopher Columbus, who discovered the island in 1493. Discretion, professionalism, and kindness are the keywords for the hotel, which reveals itself to each of its guests as a private retreat where one feels right at home.

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In order to preserve the quality of the environment and limit our impact due to various activities, they have decided to embark on a path towards tourism that respects nature, mankind, and the island where we live. In 2021 Christopher Hotel received the Green Globe Environmental Certification. This international award recognizes their constant commitment to the environment, local community, and well-being of their employees. They will continue their efforts to make green choices for a better future, with the following seven  objectives:

  • Reduce their use of water and energy
  • Decrease pollution
  • Make eco-responsible purchases
  • Preserve local biodiversity
  • Reinforce safety and wellbeing in the workplace
  • Contribute to local development
  • Offer an excellent quality of service

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By a sea of turquoise waters, RIVYERA restaurant transports you directly to the South of France… on a journey that gives you a sense of the same exceptional lifestyle found in the Caribbean: the warmth of the sun on your skin, a salty breeze running through your hair, and the laidback rhythms of sun-drenched destinations. Here, the French Riviera is captured in a delicious, delightful universe created by Arnaud Faye who shares his passion for this popular region with his personal sense of gourmet cuisine.

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  1. Le Bar

The signature cocktail menu serves as the starting point on the journey to the French Riviera. It was hand-designed by Haydée Otero, an artist from Nice. Eight different places at the hotel-inspired eight cocktails made with natural essences and infused spirits by the talented Victor Delpierre, world champion at the Coffee in Good Spirits Championship.

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The prestigious Sisley brand provides a unique “savoir-faire” and relaxing experience. The use of high-quality products will immerse you in an exotic and sensorial world. Christopher’s Sisley Spa has been elected Caribbean’s Best Hotel Spa and St. Barth Best Hotel Spa by the renowned World Spa Awards. Overlooking the sea, the spa at The Christopher comprises five treatment rooms, including one double, all open toward the outside. Here, the refreshing trade winds, the rays of the sun, and the sound of the waves help create a moment of total relaxation. Sisley offers personalized care associated with the best natural extracts and essential oils. Natural materials, soft colors, and intimate spaces add to the sense of well-being and soothe both body and soul.

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Also, enjoy the fitness room overlooking the ocean to enjoy a moment of sport and relaxation. Here you will be able to enjoy the following equipment:

  • Treadmills
  • Elliptical trainers
  • RPM trainers
  • Work out bench with dumbbells.


The Christopher St Barth is the place of your dreams for special events or your wedding, where an intimate ambiance creates unforgettable memories. An exceptional environment with lush gardens, this magical setting adds a special touch to all your parties, from a moment with friends to a romantic evening.

  • Weddings 

Ideally located, the Hotel Christopher offers you to celebrate your wedding in a unique place known for its elegance and charm. If you are dreaming about getting married hearing the sound of the waves, in a luxurious and intimate setting, they can make this big day a wonderful memory for you and your guests. For an intimate wedding for two or for a big celebration with all your friends & family, the Hotel Christopher offers all the quality of 5-star service in an idyllic place.

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  • Private Events

The Christopher is a chic, modern and cozy place for your private or professional events. Their team remains at your disposal to assist you to organize personalized and quality events in an exceptional place.

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So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to have the perfect Caribbean getaway, Christopher Hotel is the perfect place for you. Enjoy all of Christopher’s activities and experiences as you relax and renew while reconnecting with your mind, body, and soul. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or family vacation, this hotel in the middle of the Caribbean has it all. 

This eco-luxury dream resort is part of our curated collection,  Eco Hotels & Resorts. If you want to learn more and make a reservation you can book through our site.

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