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The Ultimate Guide Of Olas Tulum; Everything You Need To Know Before Your Visit

Check out the ultimate traveler's guide before your visit to Olas Tulum. Discover this magical paradise in the middle of the Mexican Caribbean and live the ultimate experience.

Olas is an intimate boutique hotel, a guesthouse, and a home, that celebrates the connection between people and nature. Every moment at Olas, from the first sip of Chiapas coffee in the morning to the last sunset of the day, is a celebration of the Tulum we know and love. Let the saltwater and ocean breeze awaken your senses as you watch the sunrise stream in from your bedroom. Wash away the stress and tension of urban life as you step into the soft white sand and into the blue Caribbean ocean before breakfast. We will provide you with a full detailed guide of things you MUST do while staying in the resort so you enjoy the full Olas Tulum experience.  

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About The Resort

When the owners of Olas arrived in Tulum 12 years ago they met the rhythms of the Caribbean Sea, the movement of the Si’an Ka’an reserve, and the legacy of a beach house built in line with the land. Today, the property is an homage to that Tulum – a place of natural splendor with like-minded people, vibrant food, and a sustainable commitment to this part of the world. The house that enchanted the owners was built in the 1970s by Austrian engineer Carlos Schober, who specifically designed it to work in synthesis with the surrounding natural environment. The ingenuity of his original design has allowed them to operate sustainably to this day. Palapas and a mature coconut grove planted more than 50 years ago still shade its structure from the heat of the afternoon sun, while intentionally curved walls circulate nature’s own aircon, and natural, pure underwater streams are gravity fed into the sinks and showers. That magic doesn’t come around twice in a lifetime, so the owners have held it close. They’ve followed in Schober’s path, lovingly restoring this once private estate to what they proudly call “Olas” today. 

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Olas dining table has a history – it was handcrafted by Mayans and has been built to outlast us. It’s here for guests who will gather for years to come, sharing stories and tips for the day while vibrant plates make their way out of Olas Mexican kitchen, a few steps away. In charge of the kitchen is their beloved Chef who sources produce from local vendors and farmers.

So what does breakfast at Olas look like? Totally complimentary, all local and all organic. Freshly squeezed orange juice and steaming  French press coffee sourced from the rainforest state of Chiapas. Crunchy homemade granola with freshly-whipped coconut yogurt and fresh fruits from town, followed by a main dish that changes daily - sometimes peppery chilaquiles or huevos rancheros.

For lunch, they pay tribute to all of their favorite regional dishes. Warm batches of homemade tortilla chips served alongside pepita guacamole, tostadas that crackle beneath line-caught tuna with spice-infused sesame, Baja style prawn tacos with chipotle aioli, and soft flautas topped with green tomatillo salsa. Salads are rich in local produce, like their very own Olas coconut to toasted pepitas and Yucatan honey.

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Much like Tulum, Olas is a place of discovery with more than meets the eye. Wander down a pathway to find quiet corners to relax or make your way to the rooftop to sit above the trees. Whether you’re a large party renting the entire property or a guest that’s staying only for a week, these spaces are designed to reconnect with yourself.

  • Sunset Rooftop

Enjoy their rooftop lounge high above the jungle canopy. It’s a space for you to wind down – whether that’s a morning meditation or a margarita with friends at sunset overlooking the sea and the lagoon in the Sian Ka’an.

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  • Discover Sian Ka’an

Discover the 1.3 million acre biosphere right next door, ~ Sian Ka’an. This reserve located after the city of Tulum is classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Center with more than 500 species of birds, crocodiles, dolphins, manatees, and turtles. 

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  • Cenotes

Cenotes will captivate you with their blue, crystalline waters, ancient cave formations, and mysterious depths. Whether you want to grab a paddleboard, snorkel, or scuba gear Olas works with the best guides in Tulum to help you discover these hidden gems.

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  • Turtles

Witness turtle nesting on the beach. Beginning in  May until October the beaches of the Riviera Maya become nesting grounds for the Loggerhead and the Green Turtle. Laying thousands of eggs, the magic of these little hatchlings is always an exciting experience. 

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Our private yoga studio is surrounded by the jungle where you can start your day with your own desired practice or sink into deeper relaxation with holistic massage treatment from our tried-and-trusted therapists' steps away from the beach shaded by the canopy of the coconut trees. 

  • Yoga Classes

Step into our Sky Yoga Shala with its breathtaking Caribbean views amidst the tops of the swaying palms this tranquil birds nest studio that will provide a unique space for relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-discovery. 

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  • Massage

Finding wellness and balance through touch. We recommend the best of the best in healing and massage. Offering various styles of massage on-site, either in your suite or out under the palms, so that you can be back on the beach or taking a nap in no time.

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So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to have the perfect tranquil beach getaway Olas Tulum is the perfect place for you. Enjoy all of Olas Tulum's activities and experiences as you disconnect from the hectic pace of daily life and find some peace and quietness in the beautiful Mexican Riviera.

This eco-luxury dream resort is part of our curated collection,  Eco Hotels & Resorts. If you want to learn more and make a reservation you can book through our site https://ecohotelsandresorts.com/hotels/olas-tulum/

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