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Top 4 Hotels For Yoga Retreats

Discover the best hotels to have a getaway and do a yoga retreat to relax and renew body, mind, and soul.

Focusing on our mind and body is one of the most important things we need to do to achieve mindfulness and peace of mind. What better way to do that than going to a yoga retreat? Going to a yoga retreat is a big move, get excited! It requires a lot of dedication and physical and mental preparation. Head out into this new adventure and experience where you will focus completely on your mind, body, and soul to feel plain and peaceful. 

What To Expect From A Yoga Retreat?

Going to a yoga retreat is a complete experience, from the moment you arrive till the moment you leave. You will be exposed to a whole lot of novelties: poses you haven’t done before, techniques you didn’t know existed, and most importantly people that will change your way of thinking and that will make you grow as a person. This experience can be customized to your personal needs, so connect with your teachers and guides to enjoy this experience to the fullest. What are you waiting for?  Pack your bags and visit the best yoga retreats our member hotels have to offer you!

Santa Barbara - Portugal

Olas Tulum

Olas Tulum is an intimate small boutique retreat located on the shores of Tulum, Mexico. They are located on the southern part of Tulum beach, which is more quiet and relaxed and where you can enjoy the magnific Sian Ka’aan Reserve. Olas Tulum is recognized for its wonderful yoga retreats. Step into their Sky Yoga Shala with breathtaking ocean views on top of green palms with a tranquil birds nest studio that will provide a unique space for relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-discovery. This is a place to reconnect with nature and slip into a more natural pace of life.

Olas Tulum - Mexico

Las Nubes De Holbox

Las Nubes De Holbox is the perfect place to reconnect with your inner nature. Set on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, this eco-hotel is located 1 km from white-sand Holbox Beach and 3 km from the Refugio Holbox Animal Sanctuary. Here you will have a unique experience that will be guided by wonderful teachers, either it’s Vinyasa Yoga or Restorative Yoga you will have a lot of options to choose from. Regardless of whether you’re an amateur or a yoga expert you will be welcome in Las Nubes and enjoy approximately 10 hours of pure yoga and meditation sessions. Refresh your mind as you enjoy this experience surrounded by the turquoise waters, the sound of nature, and great company.

Las Nubes de Holbox - Mexico

Santa Barbara

Discover the full Santa Barbara experience where you can breathe the island to its fullest and harmonize with yourself and nature. This island located in Sao Miguel, Portugal is perfect if you want to disconnect from the nonstop pace of our hectic modern world. Their Wellness Retreat is carefully designed to give you the rest you deserve, surrounded by beach views and large outdoor spaces. Their Yoga sessions consist exclusively of physical exercise, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, meditation and are adapted and performed on top of a paddleboard. The practice of SUP Yoga increases concentration, balance, coordination, strength, and endurance of the body. Everyone can practice the sport, even without knowledge of yoga and stand-up paddle practice. Escape to a magical place where you will fill your mind, body, and soul with serenity. 

Santa Barbara - Portugal

Mas Salagros 

This Eco-resort located a few miles away from Barcelona offers you an exquisite experience in their wellness center. Here at Mas Salagros, they embrace slow movement: stopping, breathing, and being conscious of what’s around you. Yoga is the perfect match for this concept, and you’ll be able to attend classes during your stay in the resort’s ideal setting and return home feeling fully refreshed. Breath deeply and enjoy the slow life through yoga. 

Mas Salagros - Spain

If you’re ready to start this journey of mindfulness and transformation go to one of our incredible yoga retreats. This unique experience will leave you completely refreshed and peaceful. Don’t wait any longer and join us in this incredible journey that will change your way of viewing things completely. 

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