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Tourism Promise - A Sustainable Commitment

Eco Hotels & Resorts - second place winner of the "Promesa de Turismo" Acknowledgement in Mexico!

Sustainability isn’t a trend anymore, it’s the new way of doing things and hopefully, soon it will be the only way.  The tourism industry isn’t the exception. After a few years of the pandemic crisis, this sector has been obliged to adapt to travelers’ new preferences towards sustainability and community. 

'''Promesa del Turismo (Promise of Tourism) is a recognition that we have managed to materialize in close collaboration with Expansión. It seeks to recognize young people who stand out for their leadership and their abilities to create and develop sustainable products that promote the growth of the tourist activity in Mexico.”   - Braulio Arsuaga Losada, President of the National Tourism Business Council (CNET)

Honoring the legacy of Mexican talent, and supporting ventures that positively impact the environment and local communities. Boosting the country's economy through responsible tourism.  

We are honored to announce that Eco Hotels & Resorts won second place in the Promesa de Turismo award/acknowledgment. 

Learn more about Eco Hotels & Resorts (EHR)

A Mexican start-up founded by Maria Olazabal, driven by the lack of sustainable options in the hotel industry, Maria seeks to make sustainable travel as accessible and real as possible, where travelers can find more than 26 eco-luxury hotels in 14 different countries. 

Hotels are evaluated against 12 standards set by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC),  ranging from sustainable management to the socioeconomic, cultural, and environmental impacts of the projects.

The platform allows travelers to book luxury sustainable hotels, with the guarantee that the complexes comply with certain standards and do not fall into practices of greenwashing.

Our philosophy is that together, we’re stronger!  Travelers worldwide have the power to change the industry, push the hotels, and demand change. And Eco Hotels & Resorts is the platform that boosts and connects the hotels that have already listened with eco-travelers worldwide. In addition, we seek to build awareness around sustainable travel, red flags travelers should look out for. Building a stronger, healthier community to have a healthy planet. 

Our main goal is to make sustainable travel, the only kind of travel. Where every hotel in the world would meet EHR’s standards, from boutique hotels to all-inclusive huge resorts. Educating people and making every traveler become an eco-traveler, being more conscious. And last but not least, to eliminate the idea of having to sacrifice luxury when traveling sustainably. 

As mentioned earlier, together we’re stronger, so let’s move forward with sustainable travel! Learn more about Eco Hotels & Resorts' AMAZING initiative, and book your next vacation at your favorite eco-luxury hotel! Or become a member hotel of EHR! 

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