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Top 5 Bucket List Hotels

This holiday season check out our travel bucket list so you finish the year in the perfect place with the perfect company!

Are you a travel junkie? So are we! This year is about to end and we couldn’t let the opportunity pass to tell you our dream destinations so you can have a wonderful vacation at the end of this year. 2021 was a year of many challenges, uncertainties and postponements. As the world is slowly returning to normal, so is the tourism industry and we couldn’t be happier about it! We are going to provide you with a full guide of the top destinations and hotels that we think you need to visit before this year ends.

nayara_resorts_arenal_volcano_national_park_wildlife_nature_costa rica
Nayara Resorts - Costa Rica

Christopher Hotel

Visit the marvelous island of St. Barths in the Caribbean, a place where you will be able to relax and renew as you enjoy the perfect family vacation with stunning ocean views. The owners of this intimate hotel imagine the Christopher property as a large family home with sleek, timeless design, yet conserving the spirit of this exceptional location turned entirely toward the ocean, its exceptional accommodations will make you enjoy your privacy to the fullest. Christopher Hotel offers you its amazing infinity pool, beauty treatments and massages at Spa Sisley and so much more. Have the perfect holiday with your family and feel at home away from home in this amazing resort!

Christopher Hotel - St. Barths

Tierra Chiloé

If you are up for an adventure Tierra Chiloé is the perfect place for you. This boutique spa lodge is a cozy hideaway on the large island of Chiloé. It is made especially for intrepid travelers who are coupled with comfort, sea views and the promise of authentic experiences. Celebrating the local island traditions and a unique geographical setting with natural ease, Tierra Chiloé seeks to immerse you in the best of this archipelago, which is immersed in green pastures, unreal coastlines, and scenic clifftops. Its “All-inclusive” programs allows guests to explore the archipelago of Chiloé via personalized excursions, to enjoy local cuisine and to relax with natural treatments at the hotel’s comprehensive Spa. Enjoy an integrated and balanced travel experience as you explore and relax at the same time!

Tierra Chiloé - Chile

Nayara Tented Camp

Nayara Tented Camp is located at The Arenal Volcano National Park in Costa Rica. This resort features 29 luxury tents; the perfect place for families or couples. The most exciting part of the camp are the private tents and the spectacular views of the Arenal Volcano. Enjoy your privacy in your tent where you will have your own private pool fed with natural hot springs, an outdoor shower, wooden floors, a four-posted bed with a canopy, and a spacious bathroom with an oversized tub. The tents merges with the surrounding rainforest where you will be able to enjoy the Costa Rican wildlife, surrounded by a variety of birds and sloths.

nayara_tented_camp_resort_pool_wildlife_costa rica_tent_jungle
Nayara Tented Camp - Costa Rica

Ljs Ratxó

This eco-luxury retreat in Mallorca´s Tramuntana Mountains is an exclusive luxury escape where you will be able to disconnect from the hectic habits of daily life and reconnect with your inner self. The resort´s green credential includes saying no to plastic, treating and bottling water one site, buying locally and serving farm to table meals straight from the organic vegetable garden in the property. Live unforgettable moments at this natural paradise, hearing the crackling of an outdoor fire, sinking into a deep pool, relaxing with a vinyasa yoga session at the rooftop and feasting on gastronomic delights in the company of your loved ones. LJs Ratxo´s secret lies in its connection with nature and yourself.

Ljs Ratxó - Spain

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is not just another hotel, but a dream given form by João Reis, an entrepreneur and enthusiastic surfer. Located on top of Santa Bárbara beach, the first Eco-Beach resort in the Azores, lies beautiful Santa Barbara. Nestled on the black sand beaches, which stand a beautiful contrast to the blue of the ocean and the different shades of green of the hills that surround the resort, Santa Barbara offers you the perfect place to live precious and unique moments with your loved ones. Go surfing in the morning and relax at the Spa in the evening. If you’re looking for a mix between doing activities and chilling, Santa Barbara is just the place for you.

Santa Barbara - Portugal

It's time to take a break and live new adventures, not only to make up for every lost celebration in the company of your loved ones, but also to get the travel industry back on its feet. We invite you to travel to unknown places this holiday season where you will have the time of your life and start 2022 completely relaxed and renewed.

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