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The Ultimate Guide Of Morgan’s Rock Ecolodge; Everything You Need To Know Before Your Visit

Planning to visit Morgan's Rock? Check out the ultimate guide so you know the do's and dont's before your visit.

Morgan’s Rock is located on a 4000-acre expanse of Nicaraguan jungle. Its concept and operation reflect this whimsical feeling of privacy and seclusion. Natural luxury on a private white sand tropical beach, stunning ocean-view bungalows, all within a 4,000-acre jungle define Morgan’s Rock experience. Morgan´s Rock is the perfect hideaway on a mile-long picturesque sandy beach, frequented by nesting sea turtles, nearly half of the vast property is a private reserve. The rest is low-impact agricultural land (a farm called El Aguacate) and sustainable tropical forestland where you will be able to enjoy a private and natural getaway with your family and friends. We will provide you with a full detailed guide of things you MUST do while staying in the resort so you enjoy the full Morgan’s Rock experience.  


About The Resort

Morgan´s Rock opened in 2004 by the Poncon family as a natural luxurious lodge and forested land and reserve that hosts a variety of exotic animals including spider, howler, and capuchin monkeys, as well as a great amount of native and migrant birds and reptiles. Morgan’s Rock is a one-of-a-kind vacation destination. They are a luxury resort that provides guests with ultimate relaxation, peace of mind, and an authentic local experience. Equally important to the resort is the preservation of Nicaragua’s vital ecosystems and wildlife, as well as cultural preservation and community involvement. Guests contribute to their social and environmental mission simply by staying here, allowing their continuous support of community education and environmental conservation.



Guests are in for a treat when they dine at Morgan´s Rock – whether it is at their lovely restaurant overlooking the ocean, or over a healthy breakfast of handmade tortillas and Gallo pinto (rice and beans) down at the farmhouse. Thanks to a large working farm with cows, chickens, fruit and vegetable gardens, and even a sustainable shrimp farm, Morgan’s Rock sources roughly 60% of its food products from right on the premises. Guests are welcome to visit their farm, where they can lend a hand collecting eggs or milking the cows, or simply kick back and enjoy a rustic breakfast cooked by the lovely locals. Diners at their comfortable outdoor restaurant and bar offer a variety of special Nicaraguan dishes as well as an array of international flavors using their finest local ingredients. The restaurant is located on a shady platform overlooking the pool, surrounded by forest, with a spectacular view of the private beach. Guests are invited to sit back with a glass of wine and some freshly caught seafood, as they watch the magical sunsets in this amazing Ecolodge.



Morgan’s Rock offers a wide variety of activities that will make you be in full contact with nature, discover all the beauties Nicaragua has to offer to make your vacation perfect.

  • The Magic Of Reforestation

Join Morgan’s Rock global initiative and help nature by planting a tree. The trees are a food source for animals living in the forest like the agoutis and monkeys. Every species has a favorite. The Jicaro tree for active squirrels and Guapinol for sloths who are hanging around.


  • Monkey & Sloth Quest

This quest takes us into the jungle seeking the three species of monkeys found in the Nicaraguan forest: Howler monkeys, Shy Spider monkeys, and the mischievous White-Faced Capuchins. 


  • Bird Watching

Take a short walk from the lodge to where the river meets the beach. Just after sunrise, the river is alive with the sound and sights of a variety of species. Then, you will walk the main trail of the dry forest along the river looking and listening for bird calls as the guide explains about the resident and migratory species.


  • Morgan’s Rock Turtles

During turtle season, you can go night-watching turtles as they come to lay their eggs ar the beach. Also, you can go take an expedition to La Flor Nature Reserve (30km South of

Morgan´s Rock) where massive numbers of turtles arrive. You will be able to learn about the different species of sea turtles that nest on this beach and their life cycles. You may see these amazing creatures laying eggs or their hatchlings as they take their first steps towards the open Sea. If you’re in turtle season this experience is a MUST, you can’t miss it!


Morgan’s Rock also offers hiking and trailing activities, biking, surfing, snorkeling, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, and much more! If one thing’s for sure, you will never get bored in this amazing natural paradise. 


More than 4,300 sq ft Morgan´s Rock´s Yoga Studio in an open-air platform that embraces the forest and overlooks the ocean, creating a very unique yoga experience. Private yoga classes are available but must be pre-scheduled with the reservations department.


A vacation is great, a yoga retreat is even better. You don’t only get to chill in a zen location for a few days, you can have a full yoga experience with Morgan’s Rock packages that typically include organic meals, meditation, and yoga classes, personal growth workshops, experiences, airport transfers, and even an occasional spa treatment. Yoga instructors are encouraged to organize their own groups and yoga enthusiasts can ask the staff to create a fully customized event!


So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to have the perfect natural getaway Morgan’s Rock is the perfect place for you. Enjoy all of Morgan’s Rock activities and experiences as you renew your love and connection to planet Earth.

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