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Where should you travel next was a difficult question because people felt unsafe and the health protocols and measures were not as present as they are today

The tourism industry has a lot of trends and innovations, especially in times as changeable as today. Where should you travel next was a difficult question three months ago because people felt unsafe and the health protocols and measures were not as present as they are today. Our recommendation is to travel to places surrounded by nature, not people. It’s time to rediscover the world and reconnect with nature. Relax on beautiful beaches and get lost in huge green forests.


Hotels where you can minimize interactions with other people are your best option. Dr. Joel Kammeyer, an infectious disease specialist and assistant professor at the University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences said, “a traveler committed to masks and remaining six feet from others is likely to be fine”.

Which type of hotel should you choose? Well, a boutique hotel or a small villa can keep you safe, relaxed and away from the crowds. Apart from close to home road trips, people seem willing to consider booking vacations at eco-hotels and boutique hotels. “Most accommodations have implemented extra precautions and cleaning services,” says Dr. Abe Malkin, founder and medical director of health care provider Concierge MD LA. 


Your best option 

When it comes to small hotels, in the middle of nature, with the best health protocols and far from the crowds, eco-hotels are your best option. These hotels provide employees with pandemic support-training, equipment, sick leave, fair pay, and other measures, which translate into a safer environment for everyone.



Apart from the fact that eco-hotels are the best option for today’s global situation, they reflect a growing concern among today’s travelers for ethical and sustainable tourism options. Hotels around the world are developing award-winning environmental, economic, and socio-cultural programs that preserve both the culture and support the local economy. With the help of hoteliers, it’s possible for guests to experience nature and cultures and minimize their effect on the environment while they’re safe and take care of their health.


Eco-hotels take care of every living thing, from trees to humans, so it’s easier to trust that these accommodations will have all the necessary health protocols and measures so that you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation and leave all your troubles behind. Eco Hotels & Resorts has the perfect options for you to enjoy an incredible trip surrounded by nature while you practice the best outdoor activities. Have the most exciting vacation and discover beautiful landscapes far from the crowds at EHR private and secluded hotels!



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